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Tante Chana: Anna Danziger Honigbaum Sheiner Greenberg

Hannah Danziger was the third child of Elja Maer Danziger and Rojza Necha Goldberg. She was their second daughter, my grandfather Abe Danziger's younger sister. This is a reconstruction of her long and interesting life from the 1880s in Poland to when she died [look for her death record].

There is a DANCIGIER listed in the PSA record as DANCIGIER Chawa. Maybe this is a spelling error. She is also known as Chana, Tante Chanele, Hannah, and in America as Anna.

Here is a record of the Danziger children - According to this Chawa was born in Rawa, Poland in 1882.

Some original images from the Radom Archives in Russian Cyrillic script can be found here.

Is Chawa, born in 1882, the same as Hannah and the same as Anna, born in August 23, 1885?

Maer Danziger came to Cleveland in early 1914, to be with his two married daughters, Anna and Mary. "When we arrived in Pittsburg, Grandpa Danziger stayed aboard the bus, for he was traveling on to Cleveland where his two married daughters lived. Just like Moses led the Jews out of Egypt, so Mom and Gramps had led us out of Europe, and we, too, had reached our own Promised Land." Ethel Danziger Zuckerman, Memoirs,

On his Petition for Naturalization, Maer lists Hannah born Aug 23, 1885, in Cleveland.
Maer/Mayer gives his address in April 26, 1926, as 3381 E 117th St, Cleveland, OH. He did not live much longer. He died May 14, 1929, and is buried in the Workmans Circle section of the Jewish Cemetery in Parma.


Hannah Danziger Sheiner Greenberg was added to the Geni tree by Mark Kenneth HammerschlagDec 8, 2008 at 10:03 AM. Mark Hammerschlag had records that his mother Helen Danziger Hammerschlag had kept.

Chana married Chenoch Chonigbaum (Henry/Harry Honigbaum) from Zawichost, Poland in 1904. 

They gave birth to Philip (later Danzinger) in Warsaw in Warsaw on November 25, 1905.
3381 E 117th St, Cleveland, OH

The three traveled to Wales and on January 7, 1909, Anna gave birth to Evelyn (later Danzinger who married Ben A. Stillman, who had been born in London, England).

Then Anna travelled with her two children to Cleveland where she gave birth on June 26, 1912, to Dorothy (later Sheiner).  Henry/Harry died in Poland, but Anna already had tickets to Wales. Anna made it to Cleveland with Philip and Evelyn, who was born in Wales on June 26, 1912. Maer Danziger, who would have been living with one of his daughters, Mary or Anna, as he intended, doesn't seem to be in the 1920 Census.

What happened to Harry Honigbaum? Evelyn lists 'Henry Honigbun' as her father on her marriage record to Ben A Stillman, but he didn't have to be alive for her to list him.

[For interest, Lejzor Fiszel Honigbaum and Dworja Ajdelsberg are Harry/Henosh's parents. There are two other Honigbaum children born in Zawichost -- Sura in 1881 and Icek Ijzyk Honigbaum in 1882.]

After Harry died of infection from his shot-off toe, Anna/Chana went to Wales with her son Phil and her unborn baby, Evelyn, who was born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, January 7, 1909. When Evelyn was seven, they moved to Cleveland -- 1916. 

Anna/Channah married Jacob Sheiner in 1915. He had been married before to Regina Braier, and they had had two boys: Mayer Nathan Norman, born May 6, 1907, and Sam, born May 22, 1908. Mary was born in 1913 to Jacob and Anna before they were married. She is a little older than Dorothy, who was born June 26, 1912. Dorothy is listed as Step-Daughter to Jacob Sheiner in the 1920 Census. 

[I am not sure we have the right Dorothy Danziger death certificate, because her second marriage to Sol Kozba, it it did not end in divorce, would have given her a death record of Dorothry Kozba and not Dorothy B Danziger. Although there is precedent for reverting to the Danziger/Danzinger name.] 

Regina was no longer married to Jacob some time between the birth of Mary in 1913 and when Jacob married Anna in about 1915. We don't know if Regina died in that period.

It must have been crowded at Tante Chanele's house, what with the three Danziger children, Phillip, Evelyn and Dorothy Danziger, the three Sheiner children, (Mayer died before the 1910 Census) Nathan, Sam and Mary. 

Jacob Sheiner legally adopted Anna's children, but family stories suggest that Nathan Sheiner "did something horrible," and Philip had a falling out with Jacob and changed his name to a variant of Anna's maiden name, Danzinger. The older boys seemed not have gotten along.

Together Anna and Jacob had Sarah/Sally, who later married Samuel C. Levine. This is confusing because Samuel Levine has a sister also named Sarah Levine

The picture below is next door to the empty lot at 3381 E. 117th St. near Kinsman Rd. (Google Maps 2012). 
3381 E. 117th St Cleveland
 Families are Paris, Scheiner, and Danzingers. The couple at the head of the table are Anna and Jacob Sheiner. From the left:  Evelyn, Dorothy, Lillian Paris, Mary Sheiner, Mary Paris, Anna and Jacob, Abe Paris (mustache), Hyman Paris, Bill Paris, Sarah, Milton Paris

Dorothy and Mary are about the same age.
The older Sheiner boys Mayer, Nathan and Sam are not there. Philip Danzinger is not there either.
I guess from Milton's age that the year is 1932. Who took the photo?

David Paris put together the "Goodman - Danziger Family Tree" in 1994 - with the help of Lenore Helen August, daughter of William and Ida, just visible on the right. They got Razel's last name wrong. It is Goldberg from the Polish records.

Anna's last names are shown as Honigbaum, Sheiner and Greenberg, the names of her three husbands.


In the 1920 census Jacob Sheiner (note spelling) is married to Anna. Their children are Nathan, Sam, Mary and Sarah. There are step-children named Danziger; Phillip, Evelyn and Dorothy.
1920 United States Federal Census
5711 Scovill Ave, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH  (about 3 miles from 3381 E 117th)
NAME: Jacob Scheiner
AGE: 39
BIRTHPLACE: Galicia Poland
HOME IN 1920: Cleveland Ward 17, Cuyahoga, Ohio
RACE: White
SPOUSE'S NAME: Anna Scheiner
Jacob Scheiner 39  head
Anna Scheiner 38  wife
Nathan Scheiner 11  son
Sam Scheiner 10  son
Mary Scheiner 7 daughter
Sarah Scheiner 2  daughter
Philip Danzinger 13  step-son  b. Poland  in 1906-7
Evelyn Danzinger 10  step daughter b. England in 1910
Dorothy Danzinger 7  step-daughter b. Ohio 1913
1930 United States Federal Census
3381 E 117th St, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
NAME: Jacob Sheiner
AGE: 51
HOME IN 1920: Cleveland Ward 17, Cuyahoga, Ohio
RACE: White
SPOUSE'S NAME: Anna Sheiner
Jacob Scheiner 39 head  age 51 b. Poland
Anna Scheiner 38  wife  age 49 b. Poland
Nathan Scheiner 22 son  b. Ohio
Sam Scheiner 21 son  b. Ohio
Mary Scheiner 17 daughter  b. Ohio
Sarah Scheiner 13 daughter  b. Ohio
Philip Danziger 24  step-son   b. Poland in 1906
Evelyn Danziger 20  step-daughter   b. England in 1910
Dorothy Danziger 17  step-daughter  b Ohio in 1913
In 1934, Dorothy Danziger married Sol Margolis. Her parents are listed as Harry Danziger and Anna Danziger. Harry Danziger is a clue to Harry Honigbaum.
Dorothy lived at 3381 E 117th St, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH. This marriage lasted a year.

In 1938 Dorothy (former married name, 'Margolis') married Sol Kozba and here her parents are listed as Jacob Sheiner (spelled Scheiner) and Anna Danziger.
Dorothy is still at 3381 E 117th St, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH

Who is the Greenberg that Mark Hammerschlag put in the record?

If Hannah was born in 1885 in Poland, she would have been 21 when Phillip was born in 1906 in Poland; 25 when Evelyn was born in Wales in 1910; and 28 when Dorothy was born in 1913 in Ohio. We ought to find Henry Honigbaum as the father in Evelyn's birth in Wales. [Not found yet]

[At one point I thought that Anna and Chawa might be a different people. Chawa's birth in the Polish records is 1882, but Maer lists Hanna as 1885. How did they get from Poland to England to Ohio? [No ship manifests found so far.] So they came to live with Anna and her new husband as his step-children. Still we don't know if there is a Harry Danziger. Did he bring the children to the US? Or maybe that is just how Dorothy chose to name her father on her first marriage record.]

Adding evidence for Henry Honigbaum as the father is the marriage record for  Evelyn Danziger's marriage to Ben A. Stillman, December 23, 1936. Evelyn gives the same address: 3381 E 117th St, Cleveland, but she lists her father as Henry Honigbun (perhaps this is Honigbaum) with Anna Danziger as her mother. She says she was born in Wales.

This telling seems to hold together if we use information from the several sources and make some inferences.

I invited family to help sort out the timeline and here are a few replies:

Susan Paris, Feb 13 2014: "Also, I see that my brother David's family tree (the laminated scroll) has listed Honigbaum and Greenberg as two of the names Hannah Danziger Sheiner used in her early life.

I don't know where he got that information.

But I think he probably had a source before he typed it.

Maybe the Polish record clerk typed Chawa instead of Chana.

And maybe Dorothy listed her father as Jacob Sheiner in 1938 on her second marriage license (to Sol Kozba) because she spent all those years in his home as his daughter and decided that he was the father she was going to officially recognize."

Sam Scheiner married Rose Schwartz in 1936 and he lists Anna Scheiner as his mother.
Sam Scheiner also lived at 3381 E 117th St, Cleveland.
Sarah / Sally Sheiner, Anna's daughter with Jacob Sheiner, married Samuel C Levine, and they had three children,  Robert Allan LevineJim Levine and Michael Levine. Michael is the one who is notorious for committing a murder and being freed on an early use of the insanity defense.

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