Saturday, January 30, 2016

Jakubovits in the 1848 and 1892 Hungarian Census

Vivian Kahn sent this image of the 1892 Hungarian Census which shows the members of the Jakubovits family and where they lived. Vivian ..."check further into JAKUBOVITS records and I came across this page from the 1869 census that I may not have sent to you.  Notice that it lists three of Aron’s sisters—Amalia, Fani, and Eleonora.  Appears that Bernath was living with Herman and his family at that time. I’ve uploaded this record to as well."

Census YearLast NameFirst NameYear of BirthReligionMarital StatusEmployment StatusBirthplaceNationality

There are several Jakubovics records in the 1848 Census.
Vivian (NEUMAN) Kahn: "Farkas is Wolf in Hungarian so Zev Wolf is definitely listed and this is your JAKOBOVITS family.

There is also a Simon Neuman b. Ubriz abt 1836 living with Aron, Fani and the children in Szobrancz in 1848.  Have you come across Jankel (Jakob, Yakov) JAKUBOVICS b. Vajnatina in 1796?  He is also listed in 1848 Szobranc census with wife Malka HERSKOVCS, 57, b. Szerednye,and daughter Eszter, 14, b. Szalok.

Jankel (short for Jakob) was born in Vajnatina, Hungary.  The word is not Magar but Magyar.  Orszag means country. 

Jankel is 11 years older than Aron and they were born in the same place, which means they are most likely related and could be brothers.

-visz and -viz are suffixes that are used alternately with -vits, -vitz, and -vics.  I’m pretty sure that the 8-year old is Hani, not Haim, based on comparison with other names in on the page.  Look at the letter m  in Slyama, Simon, Neuman, Abraham, etc.  

The name is Simon, not Froim.  The letter S looks like an F in old script.  See Fani and Farkas (i.e. Wolf) and note difference.

Simon could be a younger brother or her nephew."