Friday, June 16, 2017

Joseph Kreinik Immigration and Naturalization

Josef Kreinik 

Dudu has a story about her father that he travelled to England to try his fortune before coming to America. Did he return to Poland to father his son Irving? or did he go directly to America from England.
Since there here are several people named Joseph Kreinik it is hard to pin down when my great grandfather came over.. The name may be spelled Joseph, Josef or Jozef. Krainik or Kreinik or Kreinick. I had a copy of an index card for Josef Kreinik, Naturalized 20 Oct 1893. Was this the right guy?

Here is where I started on 12 June 2017.
Josef S Kreinik Nat. Request NT1-3332531390E
Dear National Archives, 

I spoke with a women today at 1-(866) 840-1752 about additional information on my request for my G-Grandfather's Naturalization records.

My G-Grandfather was named Josef Kreinik, but he was renamed Shmuel when he was sickly as a child so as to fool the angel of death. He survived, and now I use Shmuel as his middle name.

The attached index card image shows the number K652 in the upper right; Copy of Record No. 421 or 427 on the right; and Volume or ???? number 59 in the middle box. The other fields for 'regs. no.', Occupation, Birth Date or Age; Port of Arrival and Date of Arrival are blank.

My best guesses for these data are:

Naturalization: 20 October 1893 (from attached card)

Court US District Court in Brooklyn (from attached card)

Birth: 1857 near Sedziszow Malopolski, Poland

Death: 25 October 1934 in Brooklyn

Residence at Naturalization: Watkins Street near Belmont Avenue, Brooklyn (from the attached card).

Port of Arrival: New York. He may have traveled to London in 1883 before coming to America certainly by 1886. He probably returned to Poland before finally coming to America.

I applied on-line for this record and charged the $10 fee to a credit card. I hope that if that request is rejected, that  the charge can be applied to this on any new request.

Thank you for your help.
David Jacobowitz
South Burlington, VT

(802) 658-6536

-- Researching JACOBOWITZ in (now) Slovakia
KREINIK in Sedziszow Malopolski, Poland
DANZIGER in Radom, Rawa and Warsaw, Poland
You can see that this index card has only a Date of Naturalization. No birth information or arrival.
The address is in Brooklyn, not far from where Josef Kreinik is buried.

Ancestry has Immigration and Naturalization records, including Intent and Petition for Naturalization.

Josef Kreinik Oath_25 Oct 1898 New York
"I Josef Kreinik ... do solemnly swear that ... support the Constitution of the United States; and that I do absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and in particular to the Empire of Austria and the Kingdom Hungary of whom I have been heretofore a subject So help me God.
Sworn in open Court this 25th day of October 1898; [signed] Josef Kreinik. Applicant.
R.S. Morle, Clerk

25th day of October, one thousand eight hundred and ninety eight.


The two signatures support that the two documents above are by the same person.

Josef Kreinik_Petition_24_Oct_1898
The above two records are the same.

Is the record below is for a different Jozef Kreinik such as Yussel Flum? The witness is Baruch Mille; same as the index card. The address is Osborn St, near Belmont Ave. The index card says Josef lives at Watkins St, near Belmont Ave. These addresses are only a couple of blocks away from each other.

Jozef Kreinik Oath_20 Oct 1893 Brooklyn, Kings