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Mary (Weinstein) Fishman

The Weinstein sisters came over on the Berengaria on 27 May 1922.  The closest relative back in the old country is Bruche Swerdoff, an aunt.

    0001.     Weinstein, Chana    F    25y    S    Russia, Hebrew    Grycow, Russia
    0002.     Weinstein, Fryma    F    23y    S    Russia, Hebrew    Grycow, Russia
    0003.     Weinstein, Sosia    F    21y    S    Russia, Hebrew    Grycow, Russia
    0004.     Weinstein, Chajka    F    19y    S    Russia, Hebrew    Grycow, Russia
Details from the next page from Ellis Island show that the sisters are on their way "To brother Sam Stein at 2286 East 118th St, Cleveland, O."

Below is the record of the marriage of Morris Fishman to Mary Katz on the 4th of January, 1916.
At first we thought it was misleading and not at all about Mary Fishman (Weinstein). But Susan Paris thinks this was a previous marriage to a man who died.

Suppose Mary Fishman had been married to someone named Katz before she married Morris/Maurice Fishman. And suppose that Maurice Fishman had been born in 1871 instead of 1876 (for which we do not have evidence), he would have been 43 years old (as Susan Paris pointed out) when he married Mary.

The marriage certificate below shows Mary Katz, having been married before to someone named Katz (Dec'd = deceased), being wed to Morris Fishman, whose father is named Allan (which could be a mis-hearing of Eliahu Fishman) and a mother named Lilly Selzer. Morris Fishman had also been married once before.

(We have Mary's mother's name here as Swerk, but other places is is Swerdlich and Swerdlik or perhaps CHAGALL.)

Mary' father's name is listed on the certificate as Morris, which is consistent with Moishe Weinstein, and her mother is listed as Lena Swerk, which is not at all like Leah Weinstein (Chagall).

Morris Fishman's address is 2562 East 25th Street, Cleveland, OH.

Below is the marriage record of Florence Stein and Sam Bauer. Her mother is Lillie Swerdlich.

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