Thursday, May 27, 2010

North Union at Pearl Detail

The bike lane on Union does not end before the intersection with Pearl Street. There is not enough room to the left for cars to keep out of the bike lane, and there is no room for bikes to 'filter forward,' which would put the bikes in the car's blind spot for right turns.

The dark van is going straight. He is straddling the line delineating the left-turn-only lane. There is not enough room for a car lane between the LTO marking and the bike lane stripe (not seen here, but underneath the cars on the right.)
You can see the bike lane stripe here as through traffic straddles it, being forced into the bike lane by the positions of the cars in the left-turn-only lane to the left.
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North Union at Pearl Street, Burlington

North of the Pearl Street intersection, a car driver stops to chat with a friend. This makes it difficult for cars to pass and a real problem for bikes.

This bike is in the left-turn-only lane, and he waited for the light to turn before taking a proper left. He was the only bike I saw using this intersection on Thursday at drive time.

There is a left turn only lane on the west side of this intersection, but half of it is marked as OK for parking. There is only one slot at the north for a left-turning car.

At the corner of Pearl Street, North Union is one-way north. The bike lane continues all the way to the intersection, which encourages bikes to 'filter' up to the light, and it puts them in a blind spot for cars attempting to turn right onto Pearl.
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Bard Alumni Bike Ride Start

We alumni/ae gather in front of Sottery Hall before riding over to join the Cycle Club Kingston riders for the Bard Alumni Bike Ride, 2010.
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Bard Alumni Bike Ride

For our 45th reunion (class of 1965) Pargy and I decided to join the Alumni Bike Ride organized by Dan Tieger and the Bicycle Club Kingston under the leadership of Jim King. Jim coaches the Bard cycling team. Who knew there was such a thing?

We negotiated a detour for a closed bridge on 9G and arrived on campus behind Ludlow just about quarter of 10. There were a couple of other alumns and SOs.

Half-Way Rest Stop.

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Pargy, Phone Home.

When we got back to campus, we rolled up Annandale Road where the procession was forming up. We both felt tired and spacey. The day was perfect -- a cloud cover, warm, but not too warm, with mostly friendly fellow road users. The back roads north of Red Hook are great. There are some good climbs on the way to Lake Taghkanic. On the way back Pargy opted to go over Turkey Hill, which he said wasn't much worse than what we had already ridden, and not a tough as the hills around Monterey, where he lives.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CPR Training for Local Motion

Adele Splints Charlene

Local Motion staff and VerMontreal volunteers get Red Cross CPR and emergency first aid training.

For the first session on Wednesday May 19th, Charlene, Adele, Mark and I rode up to the Mansfied Ave offices where Ryan (left rear) presented the latest techniques.

Some things have changed since I last learning about these techniques. Since we are anticipating a 50+ average for the VerMontreal tour, we paid careful attention to the materials on stroke, heart attack, heat problems, and sudden illness.

Lunch was a Leonardo's pizza.
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Red Cross CPR Training for Local Motion Staff

I want to blog about this training on the Local Motion blog, but I don't yet know how to upload pictures. Friday, Todd will give me the next training.