Monday, February 14, 2011

Frieda (Fanny) Kreinik (Krantz)

Mae Pepis's sketch of her mother, Fanny Kreinik.

This is a photo of the framed sketch. I don't want to remove the paper to do a better copy since I messed up Josef's sketch earlier.

Shmuel Josef Kreinik

This is my great-grandfather, my grandmother Leah (Lee) Kreinik Jacobowitz's father.

The sketch was done by his daughter Mae Pepis. Mae also did a sketch of Frieda (Fanny) Kreinik, her mother and my great-grandmother.

I got the sketches from Max Ellen, widower of my cousin Leslie Tamases Ellen, from their apartment in New York. We tried to scan the image and ripped the sketch paper in the lower left. I offered to get it repaired, and Max said to just take the sketches in their frames.

I got in touch with some Pepis relatives. Aaron Pepis is a photographer living in upstate New York. Mae's son Saul Pepis lives in California.