Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chambly to Atwater Market

In early October the Schermers and we went up to Canada to map a modified route for the last day of the tours from Vermont to Montreal for the Tour d'l'Ile .

Bob brought his GPS device which captured our route. I brought my camera for documenting the many turns. Together we planned to make an informative map for help in navigating

The fly-over is pretty much the route we rode that morning. You can see the actual ice in the river.

The trickiest part is through the urban area between Boulevard Jacques Cartier Ouest and the Nun's Island Ice Bridge (Ile des Soeurs) in Brossard. I think Bob and I have slightly different routes through this section.

Riverside has significant construction just before the turn toward the Ice Bridge, so we mapped a detour which follows the Detour signs around back to Riverside. (If you get the map below in street view and then click on the waypoints, you will see the Google Street view of that intersection -- but maybe not from the direction you are approaching.)

The Google Map with photos at the intersections is here:

View Fort Chambly to Atwater Market, Montreal in a larger map

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Russellton, PA

My mother's older sister Ethel Danziger Zuckerman describes the neighborhood where her family lived when my mother was born in August of 1915. She describes a town with four rows of houses including the one in which Laura Danziger was born.

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The entire Complex consisted of 4 rows of houses -- train-like -- with 4 lanes separating each row of houses.
Now to get down to basics. Our housing facilities consisted of one good sized kitchen with a wood and coal burning stove, a table and chairs. All our meals were in this combined kitchen-dining surface. Directly off the kitchen was a good sized room which could have been used as a living room -- but Mom chose to make this the main bedroom for Mom and Dad and baby Helen. It was also for the convenience as to the location where Mom eventually gave birth to baby Laura.

Upstairs were three rooms -- one for Frances and me -- one for Morrie and Howard -- the third room was used for storage, which by the fall of that year and new year we had picked enough fruit to cover practically the entire floor of that room mostly with apples but also peaches, plums, loganberries, raspberries and cherries were also collected -- freely.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nikola Tesla - The Genius Who Lit the World

Linda and I went to New York to visit Eli and Natalie and to celebrate Linda's birthday on September 14th. We took the Megabus, which let us off on West 28th Street. We walked east on our way to cousin Martha Danziger's place on the lower east side and we came across a handsome bust of Nikola Tesla at the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava at 168 East 28th. The church has a website with a very nice summary of his life and works.

I discovered that Linda and I were married on Tesla's birthday, July 10. He was born in 1856 and we were married in 1976 -- 120 years later. Be illuminated by coincidence.

So, where is he buried? According to the Tesla Society, he was cremated  at the Ferncliff Cemetery in Ardsley, NY. His ashes were interned in a golden sphere, Tesla's favorite shape, on permanent display at the Tesla Museum in Belgrade along with his death mask.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Claude Visits While Saul & Laura are Away

We went down to Cambridge to get Claude to dog-sit while Saul and Laura went to South Carolina for a wedding. We stayed at the Irving House, which is on the way from Saul & Laura's place to their work. I got this enthusiastic greeting when the trio saw me on Cambridge Street.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Jiri Jacobowitz, 1924 - 2012

Our cousin in Brazil, Jiri Jacobowitz died on August 15, 2012, in Sao Paolo.

Jiri's daughter Suzana posted a wonderful photo of her with her dad on FaceBook.

Jiri was known in several languages.: Júri in Portuguese, Jiri Jacobowitz in English, Gyuri Jakubovics in Hungarian, and perhaps some more.

He had an amazing life. He told the story of helping get cousins from the Nazi camps to Brazil in a conversation we had in November of 2010 on Skype. I took good notes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Burlington Gets Sharrows Wrong Again

/ Rant/  Once again, lack of training on the meaning of sharrows has brought shame on the City of Burlington Department of Public Works. The stencil points to the bike path and is being used to direct bikes, not to indicate a lane shared by bikes and motor vehicles. How in Hell are people supposed to learn what the f... a  Share Arrow means if the f----ing city can't train its workers to get it right!?

I have written about this before.
The only difference is now the sharrow points 90 degrees across the road.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Photos from Bard 1962

Please help identify these people from Bard College from the early 1960s.
Bill Tinker

Manus Pinkwater

Pinkwater Axing; More at

Puppeteer 1

Puppeteer 1 and Margie Eckman

David Johnson (deceased)

Puppeteers Margie Eckman and Ioanna Ioannadou

Monday, May 21, 2012

Cousins Ed Schwartz and David Jacobowitz

Ed Schwartz is my second cousin once removed. His mother Carlyn died in May and is interred next to the Jacobowitz plot at Riverside Cemetery. Ed and I met there on October 27, 2011, and took a snapshot to probe for family resemblances,

La Tragédie du Pont

Linda added a plaque to her collection. This one is on the river in Granby, QC.
The plaque recounts what happened on the 21st of April 1869, when eleven people, children and parents,  lost their lives when the ice they were watching on Lac Boivin went out over the dam and took out the bridge on which they were standing.

La Tragédie du Pont

A la mémoire des onze personnes qui ont perdu la vie lorsque le pont sur lequel elles s'étaient attardées pour voir passer les glaces fut emporté par la crue de la rivière Yamaska le 21 avril 1869.

Patrick Hackett (59 ans), premier maire de Granby
Eliza Jane Sargent (49 ans), épouse de S.H.C. Miner
Cora G, Anna Miner (6 ans), fille de S.H.C. Miner
Eliza Harrington Park (68 ans), mère d'Eliza Jane Sargent
Amanda M. Blake (35 ans), épouse de John B Bradford
Charles Arthur Bradford (9 ans), fils de John Bradford
Maria Augusta Bradford (8 ans), fille de John Bradford
Sarah E. Harvey (29 ans), soèur de Susan A. Harvey
Edward R.C. Gilmour (50 ans), marchand
Edward R. Gilmour (14 ans), fils d'Edward R.C. Gilmour

Ville rayonnante

The Google Maps Street View shows the plaque.

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bromont/Granby, QC via Yamaska

Garmin Connect - Bromont/Granby, QC via Yamaska

Bob Schermer invited me to help him scout the afternoon route for the four-day VerMontreal ride for 2012. This is the lake entrance to the St Christophe in Granby, the end of day 2 after a ride through Yamaska Parc or directly from Bromont. Linda simulates a welcome.
We discovered a number of corrections to be made to the route sheet. I took photos of the critical junctions and turns.  I want to place the photos on a map of the route. Maybe this will help.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bonneville Again

Bob Immler sent a scan of the album cover of the recording that included Norm's Alfa running at Bonneville in 1960. The recording is mentioned in a previous post.

The ripped text is "Tenafly, N.J." Norm took the 1500 cc class at 114.35 mph.

This new discussion started when I sent a copy of an article from the Times to Bob Immler about Craig Breedlove, who ran a jet-powered car to several land speed records a couple of years after this. The car on the album cover is Mickey Thompson's. Bob recalled that Thompson was murdered and thought that he (Bob) might have seen the murderers fleeing on bicycles the morning of the event.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ride to Mills Point

This is a usual ride on the Burlington Bike Path from home to Mills Point, Colchester, and back. I can tell you all the good places to stop.

Find more Bike Ride in South Burlington, VT

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spider Bite or Tick Bite

I noticed this on my left wrist about the time I felt low and with little energy. About a week later, I took a follow up photo after my dentist noticed it and thought it might be a tick bite.
A week later:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sally's Pancake Recipe

Saul came up to retrieve Claude the pup and asked for this pancake recipe that Linda got from Sally Steinhardt all those many years ago.