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Kreinik Women

Richard and Joan Yospin sent this photo from Grandma Sarah Kreinik's scrapbook collection.

We can identify four of them (two of the men), Sarah and her sister Bea. Who are the others?

Standing (Left to Right)
 1.Unknown, 2. Isie Kreinik, 3. Unknown, 4. Unknown, 5. Sam Krienik, 6. Unknown, 7. Unknown

Sitting (Left to Right)
8. Unknown, 9. Unknown, 10. Sarah Kreinik, 11. Bea Greenfield, 12. Nettie Kreinik Kahn?

What event is this? (The more I look the more I think these are Celia Kreinick (widow of Israel Krainik)'s children.)

Andrew Kreinik suggests looking at Sarah's hand to see if she is wearing her wedding ring. If she is, this photo would be after her marriage to Isie on December 16, 1912. A ring might have been an engagement ring, so that isn't telling. Sarah and Isie are not sitting together, so the event is probably not about them.

Richard Yospin commented when he sent the photo, "This is labeled "Kreinik women" in Grandma Sarah's collection.  Isie is in the top row, second from left; Sam is also standing.  Sarah is seated, front row center; Bea is next to her (on our right).  The others?  I'd really like to know."

Andrew Kreinik said, "I would be surprised if the cousins were from Yussie Flum's family because there was a real strain between my grandparents and his family.  They treated my grandmother very badly when she lived with them and my grandfather did not get along with them when he first started working in New York.  They never respected his opinion until he had money and they had financial problems.  However, I do notice the expressions and Sarah's and Isadore's faces.  They don't seem to be enjoying the festive times as much as everyone else so perhaps they didn't fully enjoy the company.  Maybe there were some members of Yussie Flum's family there."

Even if Isie and Sarah didn't get along with Yussel Flum and Sarah Kehl, the kids might have been just fine.
(All the family knew each other: Gene Kreinick was the best man at Jerry and Estelle's wedding, and he lived in the New York area. We should consider his aunts.)

We could ask Sarah Wright's descendants. Get a photo to her son or grandson: Sylvia Wouk and Julian Wright
We could ask Sam's descendants: Stanley Roy KreinikAlvin Krienik and Jerome Krienik

Anna Kreinik (later Opper) was not yet married to Isaak Opper who was the widow of Gene's mother's sister

David made a list of the women relatives who might have been about the right ages.
Aaron's daughter Bertha was born in 1906, so she would have been only 6.
David's grandmother Leah's sister Nettie Blatt (Kreinik) was born in 1891, so she would have been 21 which is when she married Morris Blatt. This Nettie had a distinctive dark complexion.

The Kreiniks knew each other. They published a Family Newsletter, the Kreinikle. We can look there for more women of the right age.

Look at Celia Kreinick's family, where a couple of the kids lived after Joseph and Annie died.
 Leah KreinickJennie KreinickElsie LevyShirley (Sarah) KreinikRuth Kreinick; and Irving Kreinick

Table of women who could be in the photo:
Kreinik WomenLast NameBirthAge in 1912Note
Photoold to young
SarahKreinik (Levy)187238Yussel Flum's wife; Not
EvaSternlicht3/10/188527probably not here
AnnaOpper (Kreinik)6/4/188626David's grandmother Leah's sister
Isie Kreinik12/12/188824identified
Nettie Blatt (Kreinik)8/11/189121David's grandmother Leah's sister
JennieKreinik10/23/189121Yussel Flum's daughter
BessieKreinik10/31/189121Sam's wife
SarahKreinik8/21/189220identified birth from SSN
SamKreinik11/11/189220Document his birth; too close to Sarah
Jenny JeanKreinick4/11/189319Celia Kreinick's daughter;
RoseKreinik2/28/189815Yussel Flum's daughter
LeahKreinick189121Celia Kreinick's daughter;
Kreinickle editor
Jennie Weichselbaum (Fischler)189220YF's niece who came over
Beatrice Greenfield (Kreinik)189518identified
ElsieLevy (Kreinick)189517Celia Kreinick's daughter
CeliaRauschkolb (Kreinik)189517David's grandmother Leah's sister
AnnieKreinik189618Yussel Flum's daughter
SarahWright (Fischler)189616Check her children
Nettie Kahn (Kreinik)189715On Bea's left?
Shirley SarahKreinick189715Celia Kreinick's daughter
RuthKreinick189814Celia Kreinick's daughter

To see what the Krainik kids looked like a few years before, here is a formal portrait.
Left to right: Byrdie, Bea, Sam (seated), Sarah and Nettie (with wings).

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where are the Family Trees?

I took down the family trees that were here because I got a request from Franklin Kuperman for a file containing mother's maiden names. I am wary until I find out how legit this guy is.


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