Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sir Moses Haim Montefiore

Gedenkblatt; den grossen Kämpfer und Wohltäter für seine Glaubensgenossen
"Commemorative sheet, the great fighter and benefactor for his co-religionists"
My cousin Susan Paris sent a copy of this image which she has had on her wall. "... there is a number on the reverse side of the picture...459."  It clearly says Sir Moses Montefiore, but it looks like an image purported to be his uncle, Joshua Vita Montefiore on Geni.

Now I think that Joshua's is the wrong image.

This commemorative looks like a touched up version of the smaller one above. The tassel is shorter, the suit is shinier and the collar and shirt are white. His beard is trimmed and his features are sharper.

 Here is information about the Montifiore family.

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