Monday, July 24, 2017

Grandpa Abraham Danziger's Death Certificate

Well, the death certificate finally arrived. Grandpa Abe was in the Riverdale Nursing Home in the Bronx when he died, 2 April 1962, of natural causes at age 83.

Death Certificate No 156-62-203792
Abraham Danziger
Riverdale Nursing Home
Room 321 April 2 1962 at 9:30 PM age 83 years.
of Natural Causes; Witness: Maurice J. Stone, MD
Usual Residence: 520 Broad Ave, Englewood, NJ
Length of stay in City of New York, 50 years.
Married; Merchant; Confectionary
Birthplace: Poland
Citizen of US at time of death
Never in Armed Forces
Informant: Ella Danziger, Wife, 520 Broad Ave, Englewood, NJ
Burial: Beth Moses, Farmingdale, LI; April 4, 1962
Riverside Memorial Chapel, 180 West 16th St, NYC

Friday, June 16, 2017

Joseph Kreinik Immigration and Naturalization

Josef Kreinik 

Dudu has a story about her father that he travelled to England to try his fortune before coming to America. Did he return to Poland to father his son Irving? or did he go directly to America from England.
Since there here are several people named Joseph Kreinik it is hard to pin down when my great grandfather came over.. The name may be spelled Joseph, Josef or Jozef. Krainik or Kreinik or Kreinick. I had a copy of an index card for Josef Kreinik, Naturalized 20 Oct 1893. Was this the right guy?

Here is where I started on 12 June 2017.
Josef S Kreinik Nat. Request NT1-3332531390E
Dear National Archives, 

I spoke with a women today at 1-(866) 840-1752 about additional information on my request for my G-Grandfather's Naturalization records.

My G-Grandfather was named Josef Kreinik, but he was renamed Shmuel when he was sickly as a child so as to fool the angel of death. He survived, and now I use Shmuel as his middle name.

The attached index card image shows the number K652 in the upper right; Copy of Record No. 421 or 427 on the right; and Volume or ???? number 59 in the middle box. The other fields for 'regs. no.', Occupation, Birth Date or Age; Port of Arrival and Date of Arrival are blank.

My best guesses for these data are:

Naturalization: 20 October 1893 (from attached card)

Court US District Court in Brooklyn (from attached card)

Birth: 1857 near Sedziszow Malopolski, Poland

Death: 25 October 1934 in Brooklyn

Residence at Naturalization: Watkins Street near Belmont Avenue, Brooklyn (from the attached card).

Port of Arrival: New York. He may have traveled to London in 1883 before coming to America certainly by 1886. He probably returned to Poland before finally coming to America.

I applied on-line for this record and charged the $10 fee to a credit card. I hope that if that request is rejected, that  the charge can be applied to this on any new request.

Thank you for your help.
David Jacobowitz
South Burlington, VT

(802) 658-6536

-- Researching JACOBOWITZ in (now) Slovakia
KREINIK in Sedziszow Malopolski, Poland
DANAZIGER in Radom, Rawa and Warsaw, Poland
You can see that this index card has only a Date of Naturalization. No birth information or arrival.
The address is in Brooklyn, not far from where Josef Kreinik is buried.

Ancestry has Immigration and Naturalization records, including Intent and Petition for Naturalization.

Josef Kreinik Oath_25 Oct 1898 New York
"I Josef Kreinik ... do solemnly swear that ... support the Constitution of the United States; and that I do absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign Prince, Potentate, State or Sovereignty whatever, and in particular to the Empire of Austria and the Kingdom Hungary of whom I have been heretofore a subject So help me God.
Sworn in open Court this 25th day of October 1898; [signed] Josef Kreinik. Applicant.
R.S. Morle, Clerk

25th day of October, one thousand eight hundred and ninety eight.


The two signatures support that the two documents above are by the same person.

Josef Kreinik_Petition_24_Oct_1898
The above two records are the same.

Is the record below is for a different Jozef Kreinik such as Yussel Flum? The witness is Baruch Mille; same as the index card. The address is Osborn St, near Belmont Ave. The index card says Josef lives at Watkins St, near Belmont Ave. These addresses are only a couple of blocks away from each other.

Jozef Kreinik Oath_20 Oct 1893 Brooklyn, Kings

Friday, May 19, 2017

Abraham Isaac Danziger's Papers

For a long while I fretted that I did not have solid documentation of my grandfather's coming to the US, nor do I have his death certificate. That is an unfinished story.

I did have an index to his Naturalization papers. Charlie Hollander told me how to get the original. Go to the National Archives branch in the city where he was naturalized. It turns out that the Archives are housed in the Hamilton Customs House in lower Manhattan at the Bowling Green subway stop. This is a three-minute walk from where Eli works.

When I was researching the instructions for someone to get the records, I noticed that one could ask for them on line for $10. Less than a week later I got an email with what I had been looking for.
I know I have seen this photo before, but where?

This is from the documents below. It looks like he has a mustache.
Declaration of Intention, 2 Oct 1936.
I Abraham Danziger now residing at 1566 Union St., Brooklyn, Kings, NY, occupation carpenter, aged 58 years, do declare on oath that my personal description is: Sex male, color white, complexion fair, color of eyes blue, color of hair grey, height 5 feet 10 inches; weight 174 pounds; visible distinctive marks, scar on chin, race Hebrew; nationality Polish.
I was born in Scernievitz, Poland, on September 25, 1878

 [That town name does not match any town in the JewishGen Town Finder or Gazeteer.] 

I am married. The name of my wife is Ellen,we were married on March 15, 1903, at Radom. Poland.
She was born at Radom, Poland, on July 10, 1882, entered the United States at Baltimore, on December, 1913, for permanent residence therein, and now resides at 1566 Union St., Bklyn, NY.
I have 8 children, and the name, date and place of birth and place of residence of each of said children are as follows: Frances, Mar. 1904; Ethel, May 1905; Morris, Aug. 1906; Howard, Dec. 1908; Helen, Aperil 1913; Laura, Sept. 1915k; Ralph, June 1918; Renae, Mar. 1927. Laura was born in Russelton, Penn., Ralph and Renae were born in Cleveland, Ohio; The others were born in Poland. Ethel lives in Cleveland, Ohio, and the others live in Brooklyn, NY. I have heretofore made a declaration of intention; Number ___ 1923 at Cleveland, Ohio, City Hall. My last foreign residence was Warsaw, Poland. I emigrated to the United States of America from Rotterdam, Holland.; my lawful entry for permanent residence in the United States was at New York, NY under the name of Dantziger, Abram I., on August 4, 1913 on the vessel Rotterdam.

I will, before being admitted to citizenship, renounce forever all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state or sovereignty, and particularly, by name,  to the prince, potentate, state or sovereignty of whch I may be at the time of admission a citizen or subject; I am not an anarchist; I am not a golygamils nor a believer in the practice of polygamy; and it is my intention in good faith to become a citizen of the United States of America and to reside permanently therein; and I certify that the photograph affixed to the duplicate and triplicate hereof is a likeness of me: So help me God.  
[Signed] Abraham Danziger.
Subscribed and sworn to before me in the office of the Clerk of said Court at Brooklyn, NY this 2nd day of October anno Domini 1936. Certificate No. 3?4473814 from the Commissioner of Immigration and Naturalization showing the lawful entry of the declarant for permanent residence on the date stated above, has been received by me. The photograph affixed to the duplicate and triplicate hereof is a likeness of the declarant. [signed] Daniel J Lusfens, Deputy Clerk of the US District Court

Petition for Naturalization, 29 August 1940. 

Another thing that was cleared up was when he arrived.
This Certificate of Arrival was attached to the papers.
It shows that he arrived on the SS Rotterdam on the 4th of August 1913, about 6 months before Maer and Ella and the 5 Danziger children. 
I had seen that record before but had rejected it because the Abraham Dantziger had been travelling with Wolf Dantziger, age 18. I thought I knew that William Danziger, Abe's brother, had come over in 1902, that according to the 1930 US Census. 1902 is clearly wrong, since Bill would have been only 7 years old, a possibility but not likely. With whom would he have come at that age? I also hadn't figured out that Wolf was Wewe, Bill's Yiddish name. We ought to be able to find Bill's Certificate of Arrival, too.

There is information here that conflicts with or confirms what we knew before. Let me know what you find.
Date of Admission Index Card

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Bike Crash Recovery Update

It has been a while since I reported on my progress in recovering from my encounter with a road snake on August 24 .

I agreed not to ride my bike for 6 weeks for fear of falling again and re-injuring my brain and shoulder. The concussion for me was the greatest worry, so before 6 weeks I got on the bike again just to see if I would be comfortable. It seemed OK to be on the bike on the trainer stand, so it wasn't too much of a stretch to take a careful ride around the block on Sept 27. This freaked Linda out, so I didn't ride again for a week, which made it 6 weeks out. This seemed much better, although I could tell that I was still very tentative. On Sept 6th, I asked my neighbor to ride with me, and we took a loop that was one of my usual afternoon rides.

We came back pleasantly tired and pulled into Overlook Park to relax and view the lake, I wasn't paying attention and my front wheel got stuck in a narrowing crack between two cement sidewalk slabs. The wheel stopped dead and I went over, this time on my right side. I kept my head from hitting the ground. Flaking out like this was pretty worrisome, but I figured that it was the attention component that was critical. If I could concentrate on the road I could keep riding safely.

The next week I went to see my orthopedic surgeon for a follow-up. The x-rays looked like healing was happening, and physical therapy was helping with my range of motion. In general, exercise is highly recommended, and my favorite is bicycling, so I was ready to take the risk with caution.

The good news is that I have been biking as much as I need to and it feels very good. I am anxious to get in some riding before the weather drives me to the indoor rower. In any case I have to wait for my shoulder to heal to be able to row anywhere.

In November I went to New York to a cousin's daughter's Bat Mitzvah. On the way to the party in Brooklyn I stumbled on the escalator and fell backward through one family and landed in another. A young girl was screaming. I mustered my calm and apologized and said I was OK. Even though I didn't hit my head, the whiplash scrambled my brain. And my elbow was bleeding. I didn't finish dinner and took a cab to my son's apartment, where I threw up and then fell asleep feeling much better. The next day I walked from Brooklyn across the Williamsburg Bridge and back.

The fall was not caused by a blackout. I tripped on the stationary side of the escalator.

So, you don't have to ride a bike to re-injure a concussed brain.

Now it is March, 2017, and I have had an MRI and follow up brain images. There seems to be no evidence of the concussion. I did have an episode of thyroid malfunction that seems to be Hashimodo, but it may be recovering without any medical intervention.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Leffel and Goldberg Records from Poland

These records may be relevant to the JRI-Poland Records for the ancestors of Razel Necha Goldberg, my g-grandmother.

I posted the images on JewishGen's ViewMate and requested translations. There was a delay in posting since I did not complete all the steps. I should get a notice that the images are available so that I can post my request with a link to the images.

========== letter with partial translated information ======
 Dear David,

1855 M 6
groom widow, age 22, son of Fajwel and Fajga Ryfka nee Bo???? of the town of Brzezin
bride age 18 daughter of Szymon and Mindel Gordon

1856 B 14
father Szymon age 44 and Mindel Gordon age 42

Madeleine Okladek
Marriage of Haim Wolf GOLDBERG (22) and Chawa LEFFEL (18) 1855

1855 M 6
groom widow, age 22, son of Fajwel and Fajga Ryfka nee Bo???? of the town of Brzezin
bride age 18 daughter of Szymon and Mindel Gordon

".. It happened in Pilawa(?) on the eleventh(?) day the twenty third of February, eighteen hundred and fifty-five at three in the afternoon Rabbi Mojżesz Dawid Blicer presented himself along with Haim Wolf two given names Goldberg widower age twenty-two the son of Faiwel(?) and Fajga(?) Ryfka nee Broserówna(?) living in the city of Brzeziny and Chawa Leffel unmarried age eighteen daughter of Szymon and Chindla(?) nee Gordon living here and in the presence of witnesses Mosiek Broser age fifty-five and Lewek(?) Goldfarb, age sixty-six living...

He declared that a religious marriage was contracted between the above persons yesterday and which was preceded by three announcements on the twenty-second of January the third of February--twenty-ninth of January tenth of February and fifth seventeenth(?) of February of this year for which marriage permission occurred of the parents and there impediments took place--I declare(?) what has been read(?) and signed--

known(?) Haim Wolf Goldberg
Marriage of Izrael LEFFEL (23, a widower) and Tauba Laja FERSZT (19) 1856.

Leffel_Goldfarb_Dawid_1856 M 3
Tomasz Jerzy Nowak: 3. It came to pass on the thirteenth day of April in the year of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, at the hour of twelve at noon, in the Town of Rawa. Appeared personally Mojzesz Dawid Pilicer, a Rabbi, companioned by  Izrael Leffel, a widower, twenty-three years of age, the son of Szymon and Mindla,  and by the maiden Tauba Laja Ferszt, nineteen years of age, the daughter of Hersz and Haja,  both residing here,  and additionally accompanied by witnesses Mosiek Broner, fifty-six years of age, and Lewek Goldfarb, sixty-six years of age,  both residing here,  and testified that the day before the religious matrimony had been entered into by the persons aforementioned following the triple proclamation of banns, namely, on the fifteenth, the twenty-second, and the twenty-ninth day of March, of the current year, and subsequent to the occurrence of parents’ consent to contracting said matrimony. There are no impediments. The present certificate was read and signed.  M.D. Pilicer (signed), Rabbi The following denotes Izrael Leffel: (signed)  The following denotes Mosiek Broner: (signed)  The following denotes Lewek Goldfarb: (signed) (signed), Civil Registrar 

Death of Pinkus Leffel, son of Szymon LEFFEL and Mindla GORDON.

Pinckus_Leffel_1857 D 34
David: This record is about Pinkus LEFFEL, child of Szymon LEFFEL and Mindla Gerber/Gordon, brother of Chawa Laja LEFFEL Pinkus is my G-Granduncle.

Daniel Vangheluwe: Rawa, sept 23 oct 5, 1857
2 witnesses...
death: sept 21 / oct 3, current year
deceased: Pinkus LEFEL 1 yo son of Szymon and Mindla nee GERDEN the LEFEL's merchants residing in Rawa 
father Szymon age 44 and Mindel Gordon age 42

Tomasz Jerzy Nowak: 34. It came to pass on the fifth day of October in the year of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven, at the hour of two in the afternoon, in the Town of Rawa*. Appeared personally Mosiek Brener, fifty-six years of age, and Lewek Goldfarb, sixty-seven years of age, both residing here in the Town of Rawa, and testified that Pinkus Lefel, one year old, the son of the Lefels, namely, of the still living married couple Szymon and Mindla née Gordon**, both of them being traders residing in the Town of Rawa, had deceased on the third day of October of the current year, at the hour of ten in the morning. It was ascertained that he died. The present certificate was read aloud to the appearers and subsequently signed. 

The following denotes Mosiek Brener: (signed)

Lewek Goldfarb (signed)

(signed), Civil Registrar 


*Apparently the town referred to above is the modern-day Rawa Mazowiecka.

**It could be that the civil registrar actually meant “née Gerden” rather than “née Gordon”. The handwriting is not very legible. This would need to be verified against further records.

Birth of Pinkus LEFFEL, July 1856.

1856 B 14

This record is about Szymon LEFFEL, married to Mindla Gerber/Gordon, parents of Chawa Laja LEFFEL and Pinkus LEFFEL Chawa married Hajm GOLDBERG and are the parents of my G-Grandmother Razel Necha GOLDBERG. Please give a thorough translation.

Reply:  Daniel Vangheluwe: Rawa, july 4/16, 1856
father: Szymon LEFEL 44 yo residing in Rawa
2 witnesses
birth: Rawa, june 23 july 5, current year
mother: Mindla nee GERDEN
male newborn named ???(line 13, word 3; JRI-Poland says Pinkus)

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Ancestors of David Wilfred Jacobowitz

1. David Wilfred Jacobowitz b. June 13, 1942, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States
2. Norman B Jacobowitz b. August 6, 1912, Monmouth Hospital, Long Branch, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States; d. February 22, 1985, San Diego, California, United States
3. Elias Jacobowitz b. July 23, 1879, Humenne, Austro-Hungary, Humenné, Prešovský kraj, Slovakia; d. April 22, 1961, 143 Tenafly Rd, Englewood, Bergen, NJ, USA
4. Wolf Farkas Jacobowitz b. December 25, 1845, Szobránc/Sobrance, Ung/Košický, Hungary/Slovakia; d. July 18, 1914
5. Aaron Jakubovits b. circa 1807, Vojnatina, Sobrance District, Košice Region, Slovakia; d. before 1870
5. Fannie KLEIN b. between circa 1809 and circa 1810; d. circa 1870
6. Jónás Klein b. 1805
4. Miriam FRIEDMAN b. circa 1846, Hungary; d. circa 1883, Humenné, Humenné, Prešov Region, Slovakia
3. Leah K Jacobowitz b. June 13, 1881, Z g ł o b n i a, Zglobnia, Galicia, Poland; d. June 16, 1979, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States
4. S Josef Kreinik b. circa 1857, Gmina Sędziszów Małopolski, Ropczyce-Sędziszów County, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland; d. October 25, 1934, 2939 Brighton Ct, New York, Kings, New York, United States
5. Zvie Chaim (Harry H) Kreinik b. Gmina Sędziszów Małopolski, Ropczyce-Sędziszów County, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland
6. Chaim Kreinik b. circa 1800, Sędziszów Małopolski, Ropczyce-Sędziszów County, Podkarpackie, Poland
6. Mother Kreinik 0+ b. circa 1805, Sędziszów Małopolski, Ropczyce-Sędziszów County, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland
5. Rachel Z ZWEIFACH b. Austria
4. Fanny KRANTZ b. 1859, Austria; d. May 7, 1935, 2939 Brighton First, Brooklyn, NY, USA
5. Rachel FUCHS b. Austria
2. Laura DANZIGER b. August 30, 1915, Russellton, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States; d. November 14, 1984, Bernardo Hills, San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, California, United States
3. Abraham Isaac (Avraham Yitzchak) Danziger b. January 15, 1881, Rawa Mazowiecka, Rawa County, Łódź Voivodeship, Poland; d. 1962, near 529 Broad Avenue, Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States
4. Maer Danziger b. between April 22, 1857 and May 15, 1862, ראדום, Radom/ Raspozy, Radom County, Mazowieckie, Poland; d. May 14, 1928, St. Alexis Hospital, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
5. Yitzchak Danziger b. circa 1835
4. Razel Necha GOLDBERG b. September 22, 1856, Rawa, Lubartów County, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland; d. before 1913, Radom, Radom County, Mazowieckie, Poland
5. Chaim Wolf Goldberg b. circa 1823, Rawa, Lubartów County, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
3. Ella Wajcman b. between May 13, 1883 and December 25, 1883, Radom, Radom County, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland; d. November 24, 1972, Warrensville Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States
4. Itzak Wajcman b. circa 1860