Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chambly to Atwater Market

In early October the Schermers and we went up to Canada to map a modified route for the last day of the tours from Vermont to Montreal for the Tour d'l'Ile .

Bob brought his GPS device which captured our route. I brought my camera for documenting the many turns. Together we planned to make an informative map for help in navigating

The fly-over is pretty much the route we rode that morning. You can see the actual ice in the river.

The trickiest part is through the urban area between Boulevard Jacques Cartier Ouest and the Nun's Island Ice Bridge (Ile des Soeurs) in Brossard. I think Bob and I have slightly different routes through this section.

Riverside has significant construction just before the turn toward the Ice Bridge, so we mapped a detour which follows the Detour signs around back to Riverside. (If you get the map below in street view and then click on the waypoints, you will see the Google Street view of that intersection -- but maybe not from the direction you are approaching.)

The Google Map with photos at the intersections is here:

View Fort Chambly to Atwater Market, Montreal in a larger map