Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pauline Berger formerly Pinia Kreinik Update

Eric Kessler added more clues about Pauline Berger formerly Pinia Kreinik.

Eric is Pauline's grandson. He said that her parents were Chaim Kreinik and Elke. See the notes of the ongoing search for how Pauline/Pinia is connected to the rest of the Kreiniks.

If Stanley Kreinik is right that Pauline's mother (Walter's first cousin) was the child of Tuyve's brother Chaim, then this adds a sister, Pinia, to Chaim's other children,  Morris Kreinik; Manny KreinikJoseph _ KreinikHelena KREINIK and Marcus Lazer Kreinik. This can be checked with Ida Friedlander.

Tuyve's brother Chaim married a woman named Rivka, but she might also be known as Elke.
The evidence of her name Rivka comes from Ruth Kreinik, Rivka's grand-daughter. Rivka Kreinik 

his daughter: "Hi David, A note from my brother told me he couldn't confirm my namesake. However I'm fairly certain that my Hebrew Rivka is after my fraternal (paternal) grandmother. The grandparents never came to America...."
Ruth Kreinik Feb 24, 2013
Ruth Kreinik says: My info is hazy. I think grandfather's name was Chaim (Herb named after him) and I think I'm named after the grandmother. Not sure. (December, 2011)
[FALSE LEAD: Poland, Jewish Records Indexing-Poland, Births, 1550-1993 about Riwke Kreinik Name: Riwke Kreinik Gender: Female Birth Date: 9 Oct 1865 Birth Place: Tarnow Birth Registration Date: 1865 Father's Name: Samuel Mother's name: Reisel Other: rabbi_midw: Guttel Gottleib Film: 948421 LINE: 338  "  This may not be the right record because the parents' names do not fit. If this Rivka were Tuyve's sister, her parents would be Jacob Kreinik and Selig Lichtenthal, not Samuel and Reisel, and her maiden name would probably be something other than Kreinik (unless it's another cousin-marriage).]
 Other possible candidates for Pinia's parents are Zvie Chaim Kreinik and Gittel/Gussie. Gussie was Zvie Chaim's second wife. With his first wife, Rachel Zweifach, he had Nathan, Josef (my great-grandfather) and Aaron. With Gussie he had Josef's half-brother Zalmon.

If Zvie Chaim and Gussie are Pauline Berger's parents, then Pauline would be Walter's second cousin.

I'm leaning toward equating Rivka with Elke. REVISION. Chaim had two wives. Rivka died at Joe's childbirth and he married Elke/Elka. She then had Helena and Marcus.  29Mar2017. DWJ.