Sunday, September 13, 2015

Another Shendishev Movie

The Los Angeles County Administrator got in touch with Ruth Kreinik to help find the heirs of Munro Kreinik, who died intestate earlier this year (2015). Ruth turned to me and the genealogical records I have been working on.

Munro was the son of Isadore (Izzy) Kreinik and Ruth Goldman (or Gorman in some records). Munro was kind of an oddball. He lived inexpensively. He travelled in Europe on a scooter.

In trying to find his closest family, I got in touch with Rob Rout and his brother Chris. Rob sent me a link to this video, which is a digitized version of a movie that Jon Avner Probstein's mother Lila Zelda Levin Probstein had it copied after she found it: Jon writes. "This VHS was made by my mother after she found the 16mm film after the death of Ruth Bergin. The man in the glasses is Joseph and the large woman is Sarah. He was very wealthy and you can see him giving money to the people in the village."  sedziszow

Chris Rout digitized it, added music, and posted it on YouTube as Family World Travels YouTube,

There is a manifest of the SS Columbus sailing from Bremen at the end of 1932, which has Joseph, Sarah, Ruth and Pearlie (now Marrow). They may be the well-dressed young women at 3:01.

Andrew Kreinik identified the people at 3:20 in the video as his great-grandparents Tuyve Tobias Kreinik and Frimet Neppel Feiler. So they are Joseph's brother and sister-in-law.

You can also see their pictures in Sidney Herbst's 1935 movie, discussed here.  (Can someone identify the woman on the far right?)
I think these are Tuyve and Frimet (DWJ).

Jon Avner, 29 Sept. 2017: "That 16mm film my mother and I found when Ruth died and we had to clean out her house in Rye, NY. We made a copy and sent it to all but Ruth was the last of the Kreinick children from Joseph and Sarah so we never figured out who was who.  The original I had to discard a few years ago..."

Here is a copy of the video on YouTube.  
Tuyve and Frimet are at 3:30.

The movie was made as part of a visit by Joseph Kreinik and his wife Sarah Levy Kreinik. Joseph and Sarah were the parents of Izzy Kreinik and so Munro's grandparents.
Joseph Kreinik; the bearded man is not his brother Tuyve, who did not have pais.

The video shows Sarah Levy, in furs, distributing money at the train station. Joseph and Sarah were quite wealthy. Ruth Kreinik remembers visiting "Uncle Harlem" in their stately uptown home. This film must have been made in the 1930s. 

Andrew Kreinik: " Later Joseph (Yussel Flum) went back to Poland for a visit and when he came back my grandfather (Isidore) accompanied him (1907 - although my grandfather paid his own passage). He met Sarah at Joseph's house where she was being badly treated by a Joseph's jealous wife and daughters...."