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Leffel and Goldberg Records from Poland

These records may be relevant to the JRI-Poland Records for the ancestors of Razel Necha Goldberg, my g-grandmother.

I posted the images on JewishGen's ViewMate and requested translations. There was a delay in posting since I did not complete all the steps. I should get a notice that the images are available so that I can post my request with a link to the images.

========== letter with partial translated information ======
 Dear David,

1855 M 6
groom widow, age 22, son of Fajwel and Fajga Ryfka nee Bo???? of the town of Brzezin
bride age 18 daughter of Szymon and Mindel Gordon

1856 B 14
father Szymon age 44 and Mindel Gordon age 42

Madeleine Okladek
Marriage of Haim Wolf GOLDBERG (22) and Chawa LEFFEL (18) 1855

1855 M 6
groom widow, age 22, son of Fajwel and Fajga Ryfka nee Bo???? of the town of Brzezin
bride age 18 daughter of Szymon and Mindel Gordon

".. It happened in Pilawa(?) on the eleventh(?) day the twenty third of February, eighteen hundred and fifty-five at three in the afternoon Rabbi Mojżesz Dawid Blicer presented himself along with Haim Wolf two given names Goldberg widower age twenty-two the son of Faiwel(?) and Fajga(?) Ryfka nee Broserówna(?) living in the city of Brzeziny and Chawa Leffel unmarried age eighteen daughter of Szymon and Chindla(?) nee Gordon living here and in the presence of witnesses Mosiek Broser age fifty-five and Lewek(?) Goldfarb, age sixty-six living...

He declared that a religious marriage was contracted between the above persons yesterday and which was preceded by three announcements on the twenty-second of January the third of February--twenty-ninth of January tenth of February and fifth seventeenth(?) of February of this year for which marriage permission occurred of the parents and there impediments took place--I declare(?) what has been read(?) and signed--

known(?) Haim Wolf Goldberg
Marriage of Izrael LEFFEL (23, a widower) and Tauba Laja FERSZT (19) 1856.

Leffel_Goldfarb_Dawid_1856 M 3
Tomasz Jerzy Nowak: 3. It came to pass on the thirteenth day of April in the year of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, at the hour of twelve at noon, in the Town of Rawa. Appeared personally Mojzesz Dawid Pilicer, a Rabbi, companioned by  Izrael Leffel, a widower, twenty-three years of age, the son of Szymon and Mindla,  and by the maiden Tauba Laja Ferszt, nineteen years of age, the daughter of Hersz and Haja,  both residing here,  and additionally accompanied by witnesses Mosiek Broner, fifty-six years of age, and Lewek Goldfarb, sixty-six years of age,  both residing here,  and testified that the day before the religious matrimony had been entered into by the persons aforementioned following the triple proclamation of banns, namely, on the fifteenth, the twenty-second, and the twenty-ninth day of March, of the current year, and subsequent to the occurrence of parents’ consent to contracting said matrimony. There are no impediments. The present certificate was read and signed.  M.D. Pilicer (signed), Rabbi The following denotes Izrael Leffel: (signed)  The following denotes Mosiek Broner: (signed)  The following denotes Lewek Goldfarb: (signed) (signed), Civil Registrar 

Death of Pinkus Leffel, son of Szymon LEFFEL and Mindla GORDON.

Pinckus_Leffel_1857 D 34
David: This record is about Pinkus LEFFEL, child of Szymon LEFFEL and Mindla Gerber/Gordon, brother of Chawa Laja LEFFEL Pinkus is my G-Granduncle.

Daniel Vangheluwe: Rawa, sept 23 oct 5, 1857
2 witnesses...
death: sept 21 / oct 3, current year
deceased: Pinkus LEFEL 1 yo son of Szymon and Mindla nee GERDEN the LEFEL's merchants residing in Rawa 
father Szymon age 44 and Mindel Gordon age 42

Tomasz Jerzy Nowak: 34. It came to pass on the fifth day of October in the year of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven, at the hour of two in the afternoon, in the Town of Rawa*. Appeared personally Mosiek Brener, fifty-six years of age, and Lewek Goldfarb, sixty-seven years of age, both residing here in the Town of Rawa, and testified that Pinkus Lefel, one year old, the son of the Lefels, namely, of the still living married couple Szymon and Mindla née Gordon**, both of them being traders residing in the Town of Rawa, had deceased on the third day of October of the current year, at the hour of ten in the morning. It was ascertained that he died. The present certificate was read aloud to the appearers and subsequently signed. 

The following denotes Mosiek Brener: (signed)

Lewek Goldfarb (signed)

(signed), Civil Registrar 


*Apparently the town referred to above is the modern-day Rawa Mazowiecka.

**It could be that the civil registrar actually meant “née Gerden” rather than “née Gordon”. The handwriting is not very legible. This would need to be verified against further records.

Birth of Pinkus LEFFEL, July 1856.

1856 B 14

This record is about Szymon LEFFEL, married to Mindla Gerber/Gordon, parents of Chawa Laja LEFFEL and Pinkus LEFFEL Chawa married Hajm GOLDBERG and are the parents of my G-Grandmother Razel Necha GOLDBERG. Please give a thorough translation.

Reply:  Daniel Vangheluwe: Rawa, july 4/16, 1856
father: Szymon LEFEL 44 yo residing in Rawa
2 witnesses
birth: Rawa, june 23 july 5, current year
mother: Mindla nee GERDEN
male newborn named ???(line 13, word 3; JRI-Poland says Pinkus)