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Leffel and Goldberg Records from Poland

These records may be relevant to the JRI-Poland Records for the ancestors of Razel Necha Goldberg, my g-grandmother.

I posted the images on JewishGen's ViewMate and requested translations. There was a delay in posting since I did not complete all the steps. I should get a notice that the images are available so that I can post my request with a link to the images.

========== letter with partial translated information ======
 Dear David,

1855 M 6
groom widow, age 22, son of Fajwel and Fajga Ryfka nee Bo???? of the town of Brzezin
bride age 18 daughter of Szymon and Mindel Gordon

1856 B 14
father Szymon age 44 and Mindel Gordon age 42

Madeleine Okladek
Marriage of Haim Wolf GOLDBERG (22) and Chawa LEFFEL (18) 1855

1855 M 6
groom widow, age 22, son of Fajwel and Fajga Ryfka nee Bo???? of the town of Brzezin
bride age 18 daughter of Szymon and Mindel Gordon

".. It happened in Pilawa(?) on the eleventh(?) day the twenty third of February, eighteen hundred and fifty-five at three in the afternoon Rabbi Mojżesz Dawid Blicer presented himself along with Haim Wolf two given names Goldberg widower age twenty-two the son of Faiwel(?) and Fajga(?) Ryfka nee Broserówna(?) living in the city of Brzeziny and Chawa Leffel unmarried age eighteen daughter of Szymon and Chindla(?) nee Gordon living here and in the presence of witnesses Mosiek Broser age fifty-five and Lewek(?) Goldfarb, age sixty-six living...

He declared that a religious marriage was contracted between the above persons yesterday and which was preceded by three announcements on the twenty-second of January the third of February--twenty-ninth of January tenth of February and fifth seventeenth(?) of February of this year for which marriage permission occurred of the parents and there impediments took place--I declare(?) what has been read(?) and signed--

known(?) Haim Wolf Goldberg
Marriage of Izrael LEFFEL (23, a widower) and Tauba Laja FERSZT (19) 1856.

Leffel_Goldfarb_Dawid_1856 M 3
Tomasz Jerzy Nowak: 3. It came to pass on the thirteenth day of April in the year of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-six, at the hour of twelve at noon, in the Town of Rawa. Appeared personally Mojzesz Dawid Pilicer, a Rabbi, companioned by  Izrael Leffel, a widower, twenty-three years of age, the son of Szymon and Mindla,  and by the maiden Tauba Laja Ferszt, nineteen years of age, the daughter of Hersz and Haja,  both residing here,  and additionally accompanied by witnesses Mosiek Broner, fifty-six years of age, and Lewek Goldfarb, sixty-six years of age,  both residing here,  and testified that the day before the religious matrimony had been entered into by the persons aforementioned following the triple proclamation of banns, namely, on the fifteenth, the twenty-second, and the twenty-ninth day of March, of the current year, and subsequent to the occurrence of parents’ consent to contracting said matrimony. There are no impediments. The present certificate was read and signed.  M.D. Pilicer (signed), Rabbi The following denotes Izrael Leffel: (signed)  The following denotes Mosiek Broner: (signed)  The following denotes Lewek Goldfarb: (signed) (signed), Civil Registrar 

Death of Pinkus Leffel, son of Szymon LEFFEL and Mindla GORDON.

Pinckus_Leffel_1857 D 34
David: This record is about Pinkus LEFFEL, child of Szymon LEFFEL and Mindla Gerber/Gordon, brother of Chawa Laja LEFFEL Pinkus is my G-Granduncle.

Daniel Vangheluwe: Rawa, sept 23 oct 5, 1857
2 witnesses...
death: sept 21 / oct 3, current year
deceased: Pinkus LEFEL 1 yo son of Szymon and Mindla nee GERDEN the LEFEL's merchants residing in Rawa 
father Szymon age 44 and Mindel Gordon age 42

Tomasz Jerzy Nowak: 34. It came to pass on the fifth day of October in the year of one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven, at the hour of two in the afternoon, in the Town of Rawa*. Appeared personally Mosiek Brener, fifty-six years of age, and Lewek Goldfarb, sixty-seven years of age, both residing here in the Town of Rawa, and testified that Pinkus Lefel, one year old, the son of the Lefels, namely, of the still living married couple Szymon and Mindla née Gordon**, both of them being traders residing in the Town of Rawa, had deceased on the third day of October of the current year, at the hour of ten in the morning. It was ascertained that he died. The present certificate was read aloud to the appearers and subsequently signed. 

The following denotes Mosiek Brener: (signed)

Lewek Goldfarb (signed)

(signed), Civil Registrar 


*Apparently the town referred to above is the modern-day Rawa Mazowiecka.

**It could be that the civil registrar actually meant “née Gerden” rather than “née Gordon”. The handwriting is not very legible. This would need to be verified against further records.

Birth of Pinkus LEFFEL, July 1856.

1856 B 14

This record is about Szymon LEFFEL, married to Mindla Gerber/Gordon, parents of Chawa Laja LEFFEL and Pinkus LEFFEL Chawa married Hajm GOLDBERG and are the parents of my G-Grandmother Razel Necha GOLDBERG. Please give a thorough translation.

Reply:  Daniel Vangheluwe: Rawa, july 4/16, 1856
father: Szymon LEFEL 44 yo residing in Rawa
2 witnesses
birth: Rawa, june 23 july 5, current year
mother: Mindla nee GERDEN
male newborn named ???(line 13, word 3; JRI-Poland says Pinkus)

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Ancestors of David Wilfred Jacobowitz

1. David Wilfred Jacobowitz b. June 13, 1942, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States
2. Norman B Jacobowitz b. August 6, 1912, Monmouth Hospital, Long Branch, Monmouth, New Jersey, United States; d. February 22, 1985, San Diego, California, United States
3. Elias Jacobowitz b. July 23, 1879, Humenne, Austro-Hungary, Humenné, Prešovský kraj, Slovakia; d. April 22, 1961, 143 Tenafly Rd, Englewood, Bergen, NJ, USA
4. Wolf Farkas Jacobowitz b. December 25, 1845, Szobránc/Sobrance, Ung/Košický, Hungary/Slovakia; d. July 18, 1914
5. Aaron Jakubovits b. circa 1807, Vojnatina, Sobrance District, Košice Region, Slovakia; d. before 1870
5. Fannie KLEIN b. between circa 1809 and circa 1810; d. circa 1870
6. Jónás Klein b. 1805
4. Miriam FRIEDMAN b. circa 1846, Hungary; d. circa 1883, Humenné, Humenné, Prešov Region, Slovakia
3. Leah K Jacobowitz b. June 13, 1881, Z g ł o b n i a, Zglobnia, Galicia, Poland; d. June 16, 1979, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, United States
4. S Josef Kreinik b. circa 1857, Gmina Sędziszów Małopolski, Ropczyce-Sędziszów County, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland; d. October 25, 1934, 2939 Brighton Ct, New York, Kings, New York, United States
5. Zvie Chaim (Harry H) Kreinik b. Gmina Sędziszów Małopolski, Ropczyce-Sędziszów County, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland
6. Chaim Kreinik b. circa 1800, Sędziszów Małopolski, Ropczyce-Sędziszów County, Podkarpackie, Poland
6. Mother Kreinik 0+ b. circa 1805, Sędziszów Małopolski, Ropczyce-Sędziszów County, Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland
5. Rachel Z ZWEIFACH b. Austria
4. Fanny KRANTZ b. 1859, Austria; d. May 7, 1935, 2939 Brighton First, Brooklyn, NY, USA
5. Rachel FUCHS b. Austria
2. Laura DANZIGER b. August 30, 1915, Russellton, Allegheny, Pennsylvania, United States; d. November 14, 1984, Bernardo Hills, San Diego, Rancho Bernardo, California, United States
3. Abraham Isaac (Avraham Yitzchak) Danziger b. January 15, 1881, Rawa Mazowiecka, Rawa County, Łódź Voivodeship, Poland; d. 1962, near 529 Broad Avenue, Englewood, Bergen County, New Jersey, United States
4. Maer Danziger b. between April 22, 1857 and May 15, 1862, ראדום, Radom/ Raspozy, Radom County, Mazowieckie, Poland; d. May 14, 1928, St. Alexis Hospital, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States
5. Yitzchak Danziger b. circa 1835
4. Razel Necha GOLDBERG b. September 22, 1856, Rawa, Lubartów County, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland; d. before 1913, Radom, Radom County, Mazowieckie, Poland
5. Chaim Wolf Goldberg b. circa 1823, Rawa, Lubartów County, Lublin Voivodeship, Poland
3. Ella Wajcman b. between May 13, 1883 and December 25, 1883, Radom, Radom County, Masovian Voivodeship, Poland; d. November 24, 1972, Warrensville Heights, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States
4. Itzak Wajcman b. circa 1860

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Patrick Kearney After 41 Years

In late August of 1971, Sally Steinhardt and I were returning from a trip to New Brunswick, where we bought yarn and ordered sweaters. At the border with Maine we picked up a hitchhiker named Patrick Kearney, who was returning from a long hitchhiking trip around the US and Canada. Sally and I were driving in my red Alfa Romeo Veloce 2-seater, the one I bought in Chapel Hill and rebuilt in a garage in the back of our house in Carrboro.

This is a long story.

In the summer of 2011, Linda and I went to a Leslie family reunion where we met Les Jacobowitz's cousin Barb and lots of other cousins and family. I told the story of picking up Patrick which included this family connection: When we driving through New York on the Major Deegan, Patrick was talking about his school work at NYU in architecture and mentioned domes. That reminded him of a cousin who fell through a dome in a synagogue in New York. The cousin was named Robin.

Why, I have a cousin named Robin who fell through a skylight in a temple in Flushing. This is the same Robin Danziger. Here is how Patrick and I are almost cousins: Robin's mother Eva Leslie Danziger has a brother named Sam Leslie who married Peggy Kearney who is Patrick Kearney (Sr)'s wife. Patrick is Patrick's (and Rose's) son.

When Barb retold the story, Patrick recognized it and had been telling it from his point of view with other details. He remembered that there was really no room in the Alfa, but we got him in anyway. He said he was in a hurry to get home because he got ill while in Canada. I said I was driving back to North Carolina the next day and would drop him near his home in Pennsylvania across from Trenton.

So we stayed at Sally's, and in the morning we drove south. We made it Massachusetts and decided to call my friend Muffet who lived in the country nearby. She said they were invited to a barbecue that evening but we were invited to join them. So we got fed and stayed the night.

Here is the part of the story I forgot but Patrick filled in:
The next morning the Alfa front brakes started making noise, so I drove by doing a lot of downshifting and using the handbrake to stop. We headed for the Alfa distributor in Newark (where I used to pick up parts for Kingsfield Motors in Englewood). We got there a little before 5, when they closed, but the guys helped me out and sold me the parts the car needed.

Now that we knew we were cousins, I wanted to meet Patrick's family, and he invited me to come to their house in Levittown, PA, to use his dad's tools to fix the brakes. Now I remember coming in to dinner (large pasta dish) with greasy hands.

Patrick told me recently that he deliberately didn't ask for contact information because he thought we would run into each other again. It took only 41 years.

We have lots in common. We both ride Surly bikes and are inordinately interested in biking. I volunteer at Local Motion and take long rides. Patrick does distance touring and recently signed up to ride a randann... in late September -- 200 kilometers -- on his single-speed Surly Cross Check.

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Hardscrabble Road Bike Crash

Wednesday, August 24, 2016.

I was riding to meet Linda on the way to see Saul's family in Andover, VT.
From Thursday's note:
I am writing from the ICU at UVMMC. I'm recovering from a crash on my way to Bristol.

There was a power line down on the Bristol Roan so traffic  was rerouted to Hardscrabble Road.
The road turned dirt and that's the last I remember until I was in the Ambulance.
Dan Cogswell sat with me me in the road. I had a concussion even with the helmet.
Broken scapula, clavicle an ribs. I can type one finger.

I hope to be discharged today.

=== Here is an update. Sunday at home after a visit by Hazel, Saul and Laura.

I talked to Dan Cogswell, who had brought my bike to my house.
Bristol Rescue was on the scene in about 20 minutes and took me to UVMMC.

Dan told me that a young man was first on the scene and called 911.
There was no evidence that I had been run off the road or been hit by a car.
But there was a garter snake with a bike tire mark in the road next to me.
The current hypothesis is that I spilled after hitting the snake or trying to avoid it.
I have no memory of anything after a short stop to have half a sandwich.
Dan said the road was flat and I was on the right side.

The xrays confirm cracks in my scapula, clavicle and three ribs. You can see the pieces of my clavicle and the gaping fissure in my scapula. But that does not seem to be at an important junction of forces. I continue to improve. I can lift my left arm high with support.

The concussion continues to have effects. I'm napping a lot and slowly checking in  with friends and family. Thanks for all your good wishes.

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Beth WRIGHT and Ted Bloch

I had a delightful couple of conversations with my third cousin Ted Bloch and his mother Beth née Wright.  Beth was given the name Beulah, but she changed it to Beth when she got married.

Beth is in an assisted living arrangement in New Orleans. She will celebrate her 90th birthday soon with a trip to Europe on a cruise which will pass near Colmar and Wintzenheim in the Alsace region where Emile Bloch, Ted's great-grandfather was born in 1824. Ted asked if I could help him use JewishGen to find more of the Bloch family there.

I found was the town page for Wintzenheim/Winzenheim, which is close to Colmar.

There are links on that page to other resources; JewishGen French SIG and JewishGen Ger SIG which may be helpful. (Nearby is the town of Turkheim, where Sally Steinhardt's husband David Turkheimer's family is from.)

While looking at FamilySearch I found a Louisiana Naturalization record for Emile Bloch which Ted may not have seen.

Hannah Banks is another researcher on Ancestry who has a record for Emile Bloch, but she does not show any ancestors. She does show his brother Leon Bloch and a link to his grave. Ted already his a photo of his gravestone.

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Joe Kreinik in Toronto

Max Beer told me about the Jewish Archives in Toronto. I sent off for information about Joseph and Rena Kreinik and here is what I got.

Application gives birth and immigration information. Who were the immigrants? 
Jewish Immigrant Aid Society of Canada. 
This form has been prepared by the Immigration branch of the Department of Mines and Resources for the use of persons applying for the admission to Canada of immigrants.

"I KREINIK JOSEPH of 226 Markham Street, Toronto, Ontario, hereby make application for the admission of immigrants listed herein. (Subsequent pages missiing.)
I have resided in Canada 1 years, having arrived at the Port of Quebec, PQ, on the 19th day of August, 1949, by the SS Samaria, at which time the exact spelling of my name was Josef Kreinik.
I was born in Sedziszow, Poland. My age is 41. My citizenship is Polish. I am Married. My occupation is Tailor, ... I have a savings account at the Bank of Montreal 568 College Street, Toronto, in the amount of $531.74....
I am employed by Columbia Sportswear Limited, 125 Spadina Avenue, Toronto, and earn $40.00 per week. My wife, Rena Krenik (sic), is employed by the Ladies Wear Canada, Ltd., 563 College Street, Toronto, and earns $25.00 per week."

========== transmittal letter from OJA ==============
Hi David,

I hope you are enjoying your summer! We have retrieved the file from our offsite storage. It seems Joseph sponsored the immigration of some of his relatives. Although the case file is in his name, there is very little information about him. Sometimes these case files are under the name of the immigrant’s sponsor and not the immigrant. I’ve attached the one page with some information relating to him and Rena. I hope this is helpful!

All the best,


Melissa Caza  |  Archivist

Ontario Jewish Archives, Blankenstein Family Heritage Centre
UJA Federation of Greater Toronto
ph: 416.635.2883 x5110
Explore the OJA's new website and search our collections online! 

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JRI-Poland Danziger Records Update

The Jewish Records Indexing - Poland continues to be updated. Here is an update to the records we found at

Found: The marriage record for Abraham and Elka in 1910, not 1909 as we had guessed.
Radom PSA Births, Marriages, Deaths 1878-1904
WAJCMAN Elka 1901 M 18
DANCIGER Abram Icek 1901 M 18

I transcribed the records that seem to be our family. Elka is listed as the mother of Faiga (Frances) but the mother of the other children is listed as Chawa Eta, which is also Ethel's Polish/Yiddish name. Is this an error?
Here also Howard is Wulf Morcchaj and Moe was born in 1911, not in 1908, as he claimed. The 1911 date is consisted with his age on the SS Rhein manifest, too. The other birth dates do not always align with what we have been putting in the Geni records. (The slash dates denote before and after the adoption of the modern calendar, which was not done at the same time throughout the world.)
Question: If these are not our family records, then where are they?

There is another Goldberg, Chaja Ruchla GOLDBERG, who married a Danziger (Manasza). This is not our family.
Mazsza and Chaja Marriage

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Sedziszow Photos Update

Art and Ida (KREINIK) Friedlander sent a group photo labeled "Sed. Poland."

There was no identifying information. The faces seem to be young workers. They look familiar, but no person has been identified.

Other images from Sedziszow Malopolski are posted here. In order:

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Island Line Photos

 The Flood

The Cut now.
 Kiosk from the north.

 Kiosk side view.
 Kiosk from the path.
Thank You Sign.

Peg Signs Up

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Talerman - Paris - Danziger Letters

Susan Paris and Laurel Suess found some letters in their mother's (Estelle Fishman Paris's) attic.

Some letters are from Hillel Talerman and his mother Malka Danziger Talerman to Abe Paris and his wife, Malka's sister, Mary Danziger Paris. They were written from Toronto, Canada, to Abe and his family in Cleveland in around 1949 (we guess).

Thanks to Jonathan Geffner and Richard Kaiser for the translations. Here are the images of the original handwritten letters in Yiddish, followed translators' rendering in English with idioms explained. Finally there are notes by Susan and David J.

1947 July 2 -- Hilel Talerman to Abe Paris and family.
1948 January 20 DOC054 -- Hilel Telerman to Abe Paris and family.
1949 approx.-- Frayndla Paris Weitzman to Abe Paris and family

1957 11 Nov -- DOC050 Genia/Gitel Paris Beer to Abe Paris
1958 21 June --
1986 21 May -- Hilel Telerman's headstone

DOC046 - from Hillel Telerman of 237 Grace Street, Toronto, ONT, Canada.

DOC 046 ….. Page 1 -- translation by Richard Kaiser. There is a later translation below.

Dear brother, Abraham Paris, it has already been a year since we received a letter from you and we sent you a reply. Until today we have not received any writing from you and we believe that you will write our …… for …. and you will search for . dear brother … regarding Mordechai, he made … with his daughter, Freydal and a Palestinian man, who he is sending away to Palestine, … have, he was fortunate because he came … … and now I am writing you about me. You have yourself in ….
…. made by my children. I can write you regarding my oldest daughter, Zelda, that I have currently placed her in a Shidduch (an arranged marriage) that I managed to get for 200 dollars and began the … by me in order to better our situation today. It is very bad that even if not … to take with there … and who …. there … with a Shidduch for my Zelda, even if impossible … we are so unfortunate that no one has anyone to help them here to enable people to obtain from
DOC 046 ….. Page 2

America. Such support could assist them in their business and what … concern with assistance regarding the Shidduch. And from you, when you came the other time … that you became poverty stricken and were unable to help. Today, in the American newspaper, it is written that conditions are bad and it is possible that in your situation … better that that she doesn’t have time to write an entire … no letter. And who even knows what is happening here with us, the 2 brothers and 2 older sisters, and we see, ourselves, that people do not sit themselves down to write a letter. One does not ask oneself … what can … perhaps my support is creeping. Perhaps you can, with assistance … be … “man does not live for himself alone”. One has brothers and sisters to support a relationship and to write what they wish to know. It is not even in your nature to be involved with the Shidduch with which my daughter is involved. I say that I will write there, to America. They do not have my … until the time in which a reply will be given. See … Receive the

DOC 046 ….. Page 3

letter immediately answered. If not, then even I, who is certainly not near, will find out … provide the entire … follow me. You know my husband well. He will not himself…. no shoe items should be combined and with everyone, he will … wanted this without driving, forbid it, that you should give me, in its entirety … But, in this situation, you act on my behalf to resolve the situation. I am, the while, writing you a letter asking that you take a sister and also a brother to America and G-d should help me … should come to pass. Believe me, that I am not writing you so much. Here, empty trouble is erupting and, not wishing to remain silent, we are responding immediately. You should immediately write me that everything is out. Also that which you held for us, one can … I will be unable to write. I am sending my regards to you and your loving wife and little children.
They should live. We will not see … sister, Hanah Freemat Rosenburg, my husband and my dear little children should live. I am sending my regards to you and your loving wife and little children. They should live.

DOC 046 ….. Page 4

To my … beloved brother and mother-in- law … Brother, as a beginning of my writing … I want it known, regarding our loving memory of you, that we should hear only good things. That which our sister wrote you regarding the other side, this is a thing that … remember it by heart, that our dear sister had a very … while not for Ontario with his … also he can see that it doesn’t work … he will not go shopping for bread at home, he only brings it home for our sister. He should only eat it away. He doesn’t inquire much from where she brought it. Everything helps. With how much you can, you should know that with all of us, all is not good but we sharing what we have. We have become more like our loving father had said. During your life, a person does not have to worry about how thing are going at home. However, our sister, can provide no advice!

And dear brother, write us how things are going with your dear young children and what our dear sister … with health also send regards to his wife and small

Jack Ontz (?), Remember your entire household …………………… Pariz.
DOC046 translation by Jonathan Geffner, from Kopel Paris/Pariz to his brother Abe Paris.

Dear brother Avrom (Abraham) Paris,
It’s been already a year since we received a letter from you and we wrote answers to you, and until today we have not received any writing. And we believe that what I am writing now will interest you. And you will certainly answer, dear brother.
I am notifying you that Khayim Mordkhe (Chaim Mordecai) has signed a marriage agreement for his daughter Freydl with a Palestinian man. He is sending her away to Palestine to get married. He carried this out successfully, because he will not need to pay a dowry.
And now I’ll write about myself: you wrote in one of your letters – when you wrote – asking about whether I have married off my children. So I can tell you that I am now negotiating a match (“shiddekh”) for my eldest daughter, Zelda, which I could finalize for two hundred dollars.  And this is beginning to touch me, but unfortunately, today things are very bad for us – so bad that there is not even a way to make a living, not to mention being able to pay for a marriage for my Zelda, which is certainly impossible. Mainly we are unhappy that we have no one to turn to for help.
People have received from America the help they needed to put them back on their feet and the help they needed for a match (“shiddekh”). And from you we received at that time a letter saying that you have actually become a poor man and can not help us. Today even the newspaper is writing that things are bad in America, and it can possibly be that for you things are actually quite good, and you just haven’t had time to write a letter for a whole year. And to want to know what’s going on with us. You have here two brothers and two sisters, both older and younger. What kind of a person doesn’t make time to sit down and write a letter and ask what’s going on, and think “maybe you need my help”.  And to think that maybe you can be helpful.
People don’t live just for themselves. When you have brothers and sisters you need to be in contact, and to write and to want to know. It’s not even in your nature to be this way. Regarding the match that I am negotiating  for my daughter, I promise that I will write to you in detail about it to America, but it’s not necessary. I expect that it will take four weeks to receive an answer. So you should answer me immediately upon receiving this letter, because if you don’t, I might even, God forbid, kill myself.  
You know, of course, very well that the whole yoke lies on my shoulders. You know very well that my husband will not get involved in anything at all.  And with every fiber of my being I would like to see this through – not, God forbid, that you should give me all the assistance. But in this case, you are obligated to be helpful to me. I am simultaneously writing a letter to a sister of Binyomen, and also a brother, in America. And may God help me. Believe me, I cannot write so much to you. You need to read between the lines and not remain silent, and answer me promptly. You should write to me soon about everything that is going on with you. I cannot hope to write anything better than that.
I greet you and your dear wife and children, God bless them. From me, your not-forgotten sister, Khane (Chana/Hannah) Primet-Rozenboym (Rosenbaum). My husband and my dear little children, God bless them,  send greetings to you and your dear wife and little children, God bless them!

Page 4: (illegible word at top)
To my very beloved brother and sister-in-law, and brother’s children,
First off in this letter I want to let you know about our good health. It is also good to hear what our sister has just written to you on the other side of this paper. This is something that you already know by heart, something in which our dear brother-in-law has never taken an interest. That’s his fate, and also he can now see that there is no bread in the home, so he cannot go to sleep. He just waits until our sister brings it to him. He sits himself down and eats. He doesn’t ask where she got the food.
So, help us as much as you can. You should know that for all of us here, our situation is not good.  But we share whatever we have around us. Just as our dear father, may he rest in peace, used to say to us when he was alive, “A person does not need to worry about how things are going for him”.  However, our sister is at her wit’s end, trying to figure out what to do.
My dear brother, write to us how you are, and how are your dear little children, and how is our dear sister-in-law’s health.
My wife and I and our little children greet you and your entire household with great friendliness.

Kopel Pariz (Paris)

DOC048.... Letter from Genia/Gitel Paris Beer in Montreal to Abe Paris in Cleveland, Ohio dated 1957 
Page 1

Jonathan Geffner, Yiddish translator, April 23, 2016:
Montreal 11  Nov. 1957
Dear Uncle,
I am grateful to have received your letter and also your enclosed pictures and check. I am also very thankful, but I want to beg you, in the future, to write letters to me, but don’t send me any money, because I make a living, thank God, and absolutely do not need any (financial) support. 
I am very pleased and happy that we will soon see each other.  And my Max asks, “When will I see Uncle?” He is a very handsome and intelligent boy, and the uncle will enjoy grabbing a chat with him. 
If the uncle has a picture of my father, may he rest in peace, or a family picture, send it over to me and I will need to make a reproduction, and I will send the original picture back to you with my thanks.  From my sister I received very good letters. Her second son got married and she is already a grandma. Nothing else is unusual, and we are all, thank God, healthy.
I send hearty greetings and kisses to you, and a hearty greeting to your husband and children. My husband and Max send a greeting to you. 

[The writer of this letter signs it in a diminutive form of Genia - “Genishe”. ]
Translated by Richard Kaiser

DOC 049 ….. Page 1 

Translation by Jonathan Geffner
First part from Hillel Talerman

Dear Uncle and Aunt, and also Aunt Khanele, and your dear son, Phillip,
I received the fifty dollars today, for which I thank you with great appreciation.  With this money, I bought a coat for myself.  That cost me 42 dollars. And the fact that Khanele’s son wants to send me his things,  that is very nice of him.
But now that I am in Canada, I don’t need to have old things. Because people don’t wear old clothing here. These items would have come in handy when I was in Germany. In Germany people were very pleased when they received old items from their families.
Now I am writing to you (to tell you that) I need to buy underwear, shoes, and also a suit...that’s called a “suit”. [He first writes the Yiddish word for suit – “ontsug” -, then explains that it is called a “suit” in English.] And also other things that I will need.
But I don’t have any money. And I beg you, if possible, to send me some money so that I can go shopping. I believe that you will help me. [yes, he uses the word for “believe” rather than “hope”]
And tell me whether my dear Aunt Khanele reads my letters, because when I was in Germany she did not write to me, and I don’t know what was the reason. And my dear... [the next word looks phoneticially like “Zozin”, which is not a Yiddish word. Perhaps he meant to write “kuzin” which means cousin, and mis-spelt it? Although Velvo was his uncle, not cousin. Was Zozin another name/nickname for Velvo??? ]...Velvo and also Phillip apparently have no time to write a couple of words.
When it is possible, send me my uncle...[Willy’s?] Danzig address, because I don’t have his address.
I would very much like to see you, but I cannot come to you, because I don’t have a right to leave Canada. But I hope that you can come to me and we will be able to talk about everything.  And I will explain to you everything you want to know.
And write to me how you all are,  in regard to your health. And also write to uncle Velvo in Florida. I end my writing now with my best wishes for everybody.
Your nephew, who yearns to see you as soon as possible.

=======  DOC049 Part 2
From Rivka Danziger Szrek's daughter Chana-Ita to her mother's sister Mary/Miriam Danziger Paris. 
Hilel mentions somewhere that someone is now calling herself Chana Ayta.

Translation by Jonathan Geffner. 

Dear Marma,

I am taking the liberty of calling you Marma, just as I called you when I was a child. True, decades have passed between then and now, but I don’t believe you have forgotten who I am.  The person writing this letter to you is Khane-Ita, the girl who was with you in Melodshinitz(?)  Because I never forgot you.

I remember everything, even when your husband Avrohom [Abraham] left Melodshinitz. Leaving your home and your dear father, he crossed over the border. And to me, as the girl that I was at the time, you said to me, Marishma, that if anyone ever asks me about Avrohom I should say nothing. And so, I said nothing. And have remained silent all this time.  

I believe that forty years have already passed, but I could never forget the sweet youthful years that we spent together in Melodshinitz. How happy and cozy those times were! When you, Marma, and Malkele and Velvo, when all of you came home for Shabbes [Sabbath] , I even remember your songs that you used to sing when we all went out into the field to get some fresh air. Yes, that is a beautiful dream that will never be forgotten. [in the previous translation, “dream” was mistaken for “tears”.]

In truth, many years have passed. We have lived through various times and we are still here. We are spread across the entire world. In truth, we must be satisfied, that our fate has brought us to this point. So today  we must thank God that we are on this side of the ocean, I, in Canada.

I must again remind you again that I am Khane-Ita, your Nusn sister’s daughter.  [Apparently she means “I am the daughter of your sister who is married to Nusn.”] Tell me if you remember me. And I must return to what I was writing, that I am in Canada, in Toronto. And Fate has determined that your sister Malkele’s son has, through the grace of God, come to Toronto. We didn’t recognize him, but it was pre-destined that my husband would locate him.  But how? That would take too long to explain. If you write a reply to this letter I will explain everything to you.

I believe that I have already written too much. But I want to write to you, Marml [she uses the diminutive form of Marma here], so you will know that your sister Malkele’s boy is a very dear boy.  If he would be placed among a hundred boys and you came here and took a look, you would quickly identify him, because he looks like your sister Malkele.

[ the “shoe” in the previous translation was a mis-reading of the Yiddish word for Fate].
Notes by Susan Paris.
1.  This sentence is confusing.  "I remember that even when your husband, Abraham left Molidchinitz, your home, and he transported your daughter over the border".  Is Malke addressing her sister/my grandmother Mary Danziger Paris and referring to Abraham Paris who left Molidchinitz, his and Mary's home, and transported Mary's daughter (a daughter she may have had in Poland before she married Abraham Paris?) over the border?  Is it possible that Mary Danziger was married to someone else prior to her marriage to Abraham Paris?  That's what it sounds like to me.  Maybe husband Number One died.  Maybe this daughter died as well.

2.  "Aunt Ida, the girl who was with you in Molidchinitz" -- the bottom of page one written by Hillel. 
4. Chana-Ita had a husband. She was married, to whom? Toczynski? Did Rivka's daughter make it to Canada? I hope we find the mentioned letter that might clear up whether the writer got to Canada.
5. Visit from Beers to Talermans.

6.  I don't know if these two letters were written and sent together to: "Dear Uncle and Aunt (Abe and Mary Paris) and also Aunt Chana and your dear son Phillip:"  Wasn't Phillip already married by then?  What about Chana's other children not mentioned in this letter…and husband?
7.  Max Beer of Montreal had mentioned to me that there were a number of American and Canadian Jewish relief and aid organizations, volunteer groups and governmental agencies that provided various services and benefits for the thousands of immigrants who were welcomed to the country after the war.  I hope that the Telerman family was finally able to connect and receive the help they so sorely needed.

July 2, ‘47 - translated Jonathan Geffner.
My dear uncle, aunt and cousins,
I  can write to you that I am healthy. At the end of the month of June I was in Poking, two hundred kilometers from Landsberg. I had traveled to Poking to see Genia(?) Beer with her husband and child. They treated me very well; I was very happy that I had traveled to see them.
I could not stay long in Poking, because I had to return to Landsberg* the same day. I did not know Genia because she lived in Shidlovitz(?**).  Her parents and sister and all her brothers lived in Radom, so I knew all of them.
One thing I can tell you is that the Beer family are very nice people. They have a handsome little son, Max Beer, may he be healthy and strong.
But Genia is very worried because she has received very few letters from you. In fact, during this whole time she only received one letter. And she would be very happy if you would send her pictures of yourselves.  It’s possible that in the near future I will have the opportunity to travel to visit them.
I don’t have any more news to write about. I wish the family much luck and health.
Hillel Tellerman

Górowo Iławeckie, Poland
Alternate names: Górowo Iławeckie [Pol], Landsberg Ost Preussen [Ger], Landsberg, Landsberg (Ostpreußen), Landsberk, Górowo
Region: Prussia

Szydłowiec, Poland
Alternate names: Szydłowiec [Pol], Zhidlovetza [Yid], Shidlovets [Rus], Shödleuweiß [Ger], Schydlowiecz, Shidlovits, Shidlovetz, Shidlovetse, Shidlovtza, Shidlovyets
Region: Kielce

DOC051 from Genia to Abe Paris, Mary Paris and children.
Dear Uncle, Aunt and children!
Even though I spent such a short time with you, my visit had a strong effect on me, and I am still under its influence. I am happy that I found all of you in a good, healthy condition. Your children made a strong impression on me, and I thank you, the Aunt, and also your children for the heartfelt and friendly reception. When I will be in Bnai Brith camp I will write a longer and more detailed letter.
I will end my writing with a heartfelt greeting for you, the Aunt, and the children and grandchildren. May you have much pride and joy from them, and they from you as well.
May you all be healthy.
A heartfelt greeting from my husband and my Max.


DOC054: Letter of 20 January, 1948, from Hilel Talerman to his uncle Abe Paris in Cleveland.

DOC 054 ….. Page 1
20, January 1948
My dear Uncle and Tante and Cousins,
I received your letter. I was very pleased that I spoke with you by telephone. You wish to know why I did not come to Canada. There were German registration (emigration) options that would have provided tailors the possibility to travel out of (leave) Germany. Such registration is (made to appear) much more (than it is) and nothing came of it. Three months prior, the same thing also occurred when I registered for Canada. And this had cost me … a lot. And I was also responsible for my friends’ money. And I did not return the money that I had borrowed. I (eventually) arrived in Canada without money, without laundry and I don’t have an over coat. Without any ….  and I have no shoes. I am very much in need of your help, the faster the better. And if you wish to come to me, I would be very pleased and fortunate to see you. But I plead with you …. to disregard (cancel) coming (at this time) because it is very cold and you are no longer young people.
DOC 054 ….. Page 2
I feel very well and uplifted when I have my health and for me, this is the minimum (requirement). Since Nissan, I have been near sister’s children. Hannah Ita. She calls herself Hannah Ayta. And along with Hannah Ayta’s brother, they are very good people to Amir. After my work, I am with them. When Hannah Ayta was a young girl, she was (stayed) with Myer Danziger. She worked for them. Therefore, she knows you very well. I mean that you will remember her. Write me if you can help me with money. If you feel you are well enough and if you can come to me, I will be very pleased and fortunate to see you. I am sending everyone my heartfelt regards and I wish you all the best of health.
Your nephew, Hilel Telerman.

Letter from Genia PARIS Beer to Abe Paris and family. 

Montreal, 19 June 1957

Montreal, 19 June 1957

Dear uncle and family. I received, thankfully, your letter. Forgive me that I did not respond to your letter promptly. I lived through a difficult case of influenza. But I already feel a little better.

Everything is okay by me. And the uncle can relax. I gave my address and not my husband’s, so that you would, God willing, be able to quickly orientate yourself to the fact that the letter is from me. The name “Paris” will, of course, sound to you closer and more homey than the name “Beer”.  

I still live in the same place. My “Max” is already a big, handsome boy. He is in the fifth grade and goes to a Hebrew school. And he remembers very well when you were here, thank God, and took him “downtown”. So, if, God willing, it will be “Christmas” time here, he will be the main customer. *

I have a great desire to travel to Israel and visit my sister. Next spring there will be an excursion. It will cost six hundred dollars, aside from incidental expenses. So it will cost quite a lot, but I really want to visit my sister. My husband is not opposed to that.

I am waiting impatiently for you to come here, God willing. And my sister is, of course, the closest one in my family.

Greetings and kisses to you in the most heartfelt way. My husband and Max send greetings to you, as well as the entire family.


* She uses the word “merchant” but from context she must mean “customer/shopper”.

Letter from Fraydla Paris Weitzmann to Abe Paris, Mary Danziger Paris and family.

To my dear uncle, aunt and family,
I read your letter with great joy and pleasure. Your letter provided me with great joy, and my sister also writes that she loves you so much, just like she loves our father. Because you should know that we loved our father very much. And my sister writes to me that she was very happy to see all of you, and that you paid for the food and bought her beautiful presents, and also even gave her a couple of dollars.
My dear uncle, I don’t want any money from you. I only want you to answer every letter that I will write, and not keep me waiting too long for an answer.
My family is comprised of three sons and one daughter. Two are married. The older daughter has two daughters – one is six years old and the second is 2 years old. She is named after my mother, Rokhl-Leah.
And my youngest son is named Khayim-Mordkhe. I think my sister told you all about this. I have successful, good children.
I’m sending you the picture of my eldest son. Seven years ago he got married. In the next letter I will send you [a picture] of my younger son with his wife. With each letter I will include another picture, because together it will be too heavy. I believe that you would like to see everyone. I’ll also send you [a picture] of me and my husband, but later.
My sister tells me that your children are not poor, so they should give you money to come here to visit my family . A lot of tourists come here from all over the world. I would also like to see you. It will just cost you for the trip, because you write to me that you would also like to visit my family.
And what you write about your being sick, that makes me feel sick to my heart. And now tell me how your are feeling, because I only want to receive good letters from you.
Believe me, Uncle, whenever I reminisce about home I begin to weep about what the Germans did to the Jewish people.
Living together with me are Dvoyre – Perl’s mother-in-law – and a brother of Zisman [Zusman?].  He has been here since before the war. He has a wife and two children - a married daughter and one son. I heard that his wife has family in America and here in Haifa. She also has her sister’s son. Write me whether you have any letters from them.
I’ll end my letter with heart-felt greetings to all of you. May you all be healthy.
From me, your brother’s daughter,

Frayndl Vaytsman [phonetically]
Montreal, 21 Jun 1958

25 April 2016.
We asked that a photo of Hilel Talerman's headstone be sent. Jim Emery of the

Toronto Hebrew Memorial Parks asked Howard Mammon to take this photo.