Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ruth Herahs, Niece

In the 1905 New York Census I found an entry for a person described as 'niece' of Joseph and Frieda Kreinik (my great grandparents). All the rest of the children in the record are clearly my grandmother Leah and her siblings, even though 'Leah' is rendered as 'Lena.' Other misspellings lead me to think that the Census Taker did not take care to spell things correctly. Kreinik is rendered as Krenick, for example.

They are living at 2249 Broadway, Manhattan.

Joseph = Joseph Kreinik
Freda = Fanny or Frieda Krantz
Lena = Leah Kreinik Jacobowitz
Anna = Tianna Anna Kreinik Opper
Isarael = Irving or Israel Kreinick (spelled with a 'c' by his school)
Nettie = Nettie Kreinik Blatt
Mary = Mae (May) Kreinik Pepis
Celia = Celia Kreinik Rauschkolb
Ruth = the youngest, Ruthie Kreinik/Kreinick

Then there is the entry "Herahs, Ruth, Niece, W F 2 years old."
Can anyone make a guess as to who of Joseph's or Frieda's siblings might be the parent of Ruth Herahs? The Taker might have misheard the name. Names to consider are FUCHS and KRANTZ, but these do not look like what is written. Ruth H. was born in the old country (Austria, which is Austro-Hungary and probably the same part of Galicia/Poland as the family's roots in Sedziszow Mlp.)

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Who is this niece Ruth Herahs? Any suggestions for names that might have been misunderstood. Whose daughter is this Ruth? What happened to her later? She does not seem to be mentioned in The Kreinikle in the late 1930s.

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