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The Kreinikle March & April 1937

The Kreinikle - Newsletter of the Kreinik Family Circle - 1937
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A tribute to our late departed Standard Bearer; In Memoriam - Joseph Kreinik The quality of greatness is not easy to define, but it is simple to recognize. There can be no dispute as to his essential greatness. His all-possessing thought was turned always in the direction of the unfortunate and the needy. How could he best help them! This was with him an obsession. His life was rich with acts of kindness and philanthropy and his greatness of character will long be remembered. How wonderful it would be if we could follow his traditions, one of which was the founding of this circle. In his name, then, let us carry out the noble thoughts he has left with us. Isidore Kreinik, President. --------------------------- A beautiful tribute was paid by the Sedziszower Chevra to our late Standard Bearer, Joseph Kreinik, on Saturday Evening March 6th, in the form of a Memorial Service at the Attorney Street Synagogue. The services were well attended by Joseph Kreinik's host of friends and relatives, as well as many of the "Family Circle." 
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Have you paid for all the tickets you disposed of at the last card party! If not do so at once. "Man is made of dust; dust settles; be a man."  

Can it be Done?
I'll say it can!
Was you there Shirley! Wait until you hear the report. Success! What do you think! Anna W. and her committee certainly did a Spartan Job on Sunday Feb. 14th.

An Orchid to the following for their cooperation;
Prizes - Mrs. Morris Berg
             Mrs. Izzy Kreinik (Ruth)
             Mrs. Ardie Pepis (Mae)
             Ruth Kreinik (or Ruth Kreinik)
Candy, Pencils, Cards.
            Mrs. Joseph Kreinik
           Mrs. Julius Leiterman  (Jennie Kreinik)
           Mrs. Arthur Daniels
           Mrs. Goldie Goldstein
           Jennie Kreinik  [Harry's sister]
Printing - Harry H. West
Hostesses - Mrs. Morris Berg
                   Mrs. Arthur Daniels
                   Mrs. Elias Jacobowitz
                   Miss Audrey Kreinick
                   Miss Jennie Kreinik  [Harry's sister]
                   Mrs. Julius Leiterman  (Jennie Kreinik)
                   Mrs. Jack Levy (Elsie Kreinick)
                   Mrs. Rose West
Chairlady - Anna Weichselbaum

Key Hole Peeps - Kreinikle

Mrs. Berg went to marry off her sons. - Tell Handsome Boys. Mother is a good cook, Will bake the wedding cake, Bride must be good to mother in law, A “Tzimus” for some “Malke”. First come, first served. Line forms on the right. Don’t crowd, girls.  


It’s out — Frances K. and Nelson Goodman engaged early in January. And what a good man says his prospective brother in law. “Nu when is the simcha!”

Walter Goldstein, Lieut. U.S.A. assigned to Fort Niagara, near Buffalo, in charge of a C.C.C. crew.

Lillian & Nissan have sweepstake due in March - “Allevei”.

Mike & Will Berg, graduates of C.C.N.Y — splendid organization men with executive ability, have been hiding their lights under a bushel. We are hereby tipping it over.

Cousin Celia K. is wintering in Florida. Hope to see her with us at the next meeting in good health and spirits.

Cousin Mannie K. is on a trip to the coast. We are traveling. Whatever you're after we hope you get it. Send us news for the next Kronikle.

Table “A” contributed four dollars and no sense, they say, from their kitty at the card party.

Jackson Heights folks enjoyed the party very much and went home very much refreshed.

Sol — come early. Where were you till 11:00: uh, uh.

Even the girls in the cloak room like us. “You’re a lovely organization, so generous, no pikers” so they say. And they hope we will have parties at the Greystone often.

F L A S H — News Bulletin from abroad — Uncle Natan in Sedziszow is reported ill. We wish a speedy recovery for him and may heaven grant our prayer.

X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X - X

December 12 to 24 [1936] in the lives of RUTH & REBA K. [Or Ruth]
What a cruise: The S.S. Munargo carried us as star boarders to Nassau, Miami and Havana for me swell time.
For six months we anticipated this trip, for 12 days we took it and for 26 months we’ll talk about it. The family are resigned to their fate.
I could take it, so can you, so be polite and listen.

Nassau, a romantic ride in the dusk up and down hills in a two seater buggy out to the Holy Roller Church, where the negro natives have fits and find God. Couldn’t stand much of that. From there to Dirty Dick’s, the lowest of low dives where festivities commence after midnight Sunday Night, which is legally Monday. The Holy Rollers absolved of sin start the week right with poor liquor and good dancing. We left Nassau at 12, worse luck.

Miami, the five o’clock club furnished the Planter’s Punch I missed having in Havana; at Mother Kelly’s I rubbed elbows with the Jockey who had given us a win in the afternoon at Tropical Park; and the Marine Garden did furnish delicious steak ad excellent sea food but in spite of it all, Miami is just another American City. It lacked the glamour of old Havana and the quaintness of quiet Nassau.

Havana, — No more space, you’ll have to wait for the next issue for the balance of this schmoos, if you if you can still stand it.

Birthdays - March 8, Moe Kreinik, March 10, Eva Sternlicht - Sam’l Kreinich
11, Natalie Birch 12, Morris Kreinik
14, Harry Kreinik 15, Lilly Rosenberg
Morris Kreinik
18. Hellayne Berg - William Feiler
22, Jack Levy.
Anniversaries - 9, Anne & Horace C. Kreinick
24, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Kranich
30, Mr. & Mrs. Max Rosenthal

Whew, I wish heaven would send some stenographers to the Circle to take per the job of typing this sheet. I’m glad this is over. H.H.W

His Double Visits Mayor, Fools 'Em on April Fool Day
LaGuardia Suggests Plumber Good Envoy for Hitler to Meet

Into City Hall Park yesterday strode a short, fat, swarthy man, blushing under a ten-gallon hat.
He walked slowly, measuring his steps carefully. His was an important mission, you could tell, and as he approached the steps of City Hall --
  • A policeman snapped to attention and saluted.
  • A shoe-shine boy said, "It's the Mayor."
  • A derelict muttered something under his breath.
  • A tall, distinguished gentleman tipped his hat pleasantly and said, "Good morning, Mr. Mayor."
But the man under the cowboy hat merely grinned.
He wasn't the Mayor, but he did look an awful lot like him, and, it being April 1, a newspaper (guess which) was escorting him to meet the Mayor himself.
The double's name is Harry Kreinik. He's forty, lives at 1070 Anderson Avenue, and is a WPA plumber on the Randall's Island job.
The man was admitted to the Mayor's office after a brief wait.
Mr. LaGuardia eyed him skeptically.
"He's fatter than I am," said the Mayor.
"Button your vest," shouted the Mayor.
"Sit down," continued the Mayor more friendly.
"I wish I did have somebody to double for me," the Mayor said, thoughtfully. Then he had an inspiration;
"Say," His Honor said, triumphantly, "I hope you are the next Ambassador to Berlin."
========  Column 2 ===========
Our apologies to the New York Evening Post for having "lifted" the article on the left from its April 1 issue. It would seem that Henry K. is just the person to have along when you want service:
And just to show you that the press knows the Kreinik Family, we quote from the Jewish Standard, of N.J. "New York has its "Eternal Road," but Jersey City has its "Dybbuk", to be presented April 4, 6 and 11th at the Jewish Community Center. Playing the part of "The Dybbuk" is Norman Jacobowitz, son of Leah K. and Elias J."


Cousin Bessie K., wife of Sol, who recently was operated on at the hospital, is home convalescing. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Ruth K., daughter of Celia, left on April 1 for Paris on the Ile de France. Have a good time, Ruth. In case you didn't get the Circle's telegram, here it is: "Bon Voyage Come back double. Anyway,  have a good time."

Aaron K, of Buffalo, sent a check to cover tickets for our recent Card Party and asked about dues so that he could join. Here's hoping all our out-of-town family follows suit.

You may have noted slight changes in the bulletin from time to time. Its organization changes and our trying to find the best printer for our purposes. Incidentally, all paid up members will receive a copy from now on.

Our sympathy and condolences are extended to Issie, Walter, Moe Kreinik and Eva Sternlicht, who mourn the death of their beloved father [Tuyve Tobias] in Sedziszow in February, 1937.

Uncle Natan Kreinik, (or Nathan) in Sedziszow, passed on to a better world on February 7, 1937. His neighbors, his friends and all the family will miss his dear smile, his generous ministering help and advice. The memory of this lovable personality is a rich heritage to his children, to all of us; may it uphold them in their bereavement.

April 6 - Mr. & Mrs. Frank Berger, 65 Hart St. Brooklyn.  [Apr 7, 1929; 2nd m. for Edith]
         9 - Mr. & Mrs. Arthur A Ginsberg, 961 Faile St. Bronx.
       13 - Mr. & Mrs. (Pearl) Wm. Marrow, 275 Central Park W., N.Y.
April 8 - Max Rosenthal, 1237 Franklin Av., Bronx.
       11 - Jennie Kreinik, 1070 Anderson Av., Bronx. [Harry's sister]
       21 - Sol Sternlicht, 1294 Grant Ave., Bronx.
       23 - Jos. M. Kreinik, 654 W. 161 St., N.Y.
       24 - Rose Levy, 922 Hoe Ave., Bronx.


The poor grievance committee has had no work to do. That is one committee we're glad to see idle. . . . Musical, cultural and art activities are scheduled for future meetings; if you know anyone who is talented, get him for our meetings . . . .  the roster promised to all members is in preparation; it will go to all paid-up members - which gives us a chance to make a polite hint about paying your dues and getting this swell gift in time for our first birthday in May . . . .  acknowledgement is made of the cash gift from Sadie Wright; thank you, Sadie, and we look knowingly at our New York residents -- going to let Louisiana lead in this field? . . . . one of our members went into a butcher shop and said "Give me a pound of kiddleies." The butcher looked at him. "Kiddleies?" he asked. "Are you sure you don't mean kidneys?" "That's what I said, diddle I?" answered our slightly inebriated cousin . . . .

Why Can't You Write? We welcome then with open arms -- those contributions. Remember, though, no later than the last week of the month! To Anna K. 150 Harrison Ave., Jersey City, N.J.

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