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Gussie Königsberg

Gussie A. Kreinik, married to Zalmon Kreinik (1867-1933) as most assuredly not the same as Gussie Konigsberg, born in 1902. Gussie A's oldest child was born in 1903, which was only one year after Gussie Königsberg was born.

Julien Grassen-Barbe, also known as Yonatan Kraselnik, is a musician, according to his Facebook page.

I spoke by phone with Julien, from the south of France. He had noticed my Geni profile of Gussie Kreinik (Königsberg), and he thought she might be a reason she had the same name as his great aunt (grandmother's sister) from Sedziszow Mlp.

October 18, 2014: My grand mother Bat Sheva Kraselnik born Königsberg was born in 1908 in Sedziszow Maloposki. She was the daughter of the shohet Hersch Leib Königsberg who was born in 1877 or 1876 in the same shtetl. His parents were Samuel Königsberg who was born in Sieniawa and came from a famous hassidic family of cohanim and shohetim and Leine Elkie Ropper who was born in Sedziszow Maloposki. Bat Sheva (called Sheivah or Lucia)'s mother was Freide Reizel Weichselbaum (or Freida Reissla Königsberg (Weichselbaum)) who was from Strzyzow, the shtetl were lived her parents: Salomon Weichselbaum and Chaje Feige Weichselbaum (born Schwarz). The Weichselbaums were very religious (some of them were hassidim), as the Königsbergs. Grand-ma lived with her brothers and sisters during her childhood in Sedziszow and then, moved to Przemysl. Her mom' died at the age of 32 in Sedziszow and her father moved to New York and remarried a Chaja or Clara (maybe Gold or Goldberg). He passed away in 1938 and was burried in Mount Zion cemetery, Queens, as I understood. He was a "reverend" during several years in New York and then earned money as a clothes presser. Be careful ! "Your Gussie" was born before "mine", as I understood. You must go to read again the declaration of intention of my great grand father I sent you some years ago, you will see the birth date of "my" Gussie. Maybe, this grand-ma sister (we never heard about here in the family!!) was named after "your" Gussie Kreinik born Königsberg..and maybe my great great grand father Salomon Weichselbaum was a cousin of Salomon Leib from Tyczyn wich is a shtetl very closed from Strzyzow (I guess only10 kms [27.5 km]). I think our families were related but how, this is the question...


Julien had written to me before:
Julien Grassen Barbe, 15 Sept 2013:
"1- my great grand-father Hersh Leib Königsberg was a shohet and came from the Cohen Königsberg branch who lived originally lived in Sieniawa and his area. The Königsbergs of this part of Galicia where Halberstam hassidim. They were friends with theses rebbes. All the men in the family were shohetim in Poland. People from the old generation used to say that it comes from the Middle Age and surely before. Shehita is like the avodah in the Jerusalem temple where the priests gave animals to Elohim.. I'm sure that Hersh was a knowledge man as a rabbi but I ignore if he was the leader of a kehila in Poland or in the US. I know that he lived on Delancey street and on Columbia street (Lower East Side) when he arrived in 1910. The Sedziszow synagogue was on Columbia street. "
"Recently, I discovered that my great grand father Hersh Leib Königsberg lived in the neighbourhood of the Sedziszow synagogue (N.Y. C., Lower East Side). "
Julien (Yonatan) Grassen Barbe , Sept 15 2013: "I read on internet you was related to a Gitel Königsberg (in the Kreinik family, the family of Stanley Kreinik ?) from Sedziszow. This is VERY interesting cause Gitel is a famous firstname in my grand-ma family. For example, my grand-ma first cousin was Gussie (Gitel) Königsberg."

Hersh Konigberg's children:
detail from Dossier de naturalisation de Hersh Königsberg_14 juil. 1926.jpg

(David J. hanged Bat Sheva's birth name to Königsberg to match her sister's name)
 Bat Sheva (Lusia) Kraselnik (born Königsberg
The old Sedziszower Shul on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is no longer there.
92Columbia StreetSedziszow, PolandShendishower Galizianer Erste Congregation

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