Tuesday, December 21, 2010


OK. You asked for it.
A couple of years ago I got the note below from an aficionado of the marque.
I found this great photo in Jay's albums when I was down at his place in Brattleboro for Thanksgiving.

Siata Correspondence:

Saw your note online with the photo of your father's Siata-Chrysler and 
thought you might be interested in seeing the attached file of the car's 
history, as I've been able to collect it thus far. If you can add any 
details, anything at all, please do so. I'm particularly curious as to how 
he came to own the car, i.e. from whom, when, etc.
The propaganda below will help explain my interest ... in addition to the 
fact that I own three Siatas from the same time period ... and my father 
several more.
I'll try to locate a couple of more recent photos of your father's car, but 
it will have to wait until I return from a 2 week trip.
Thanks for posting the photo somewhere where I could find it and you. 
Anything more you might remember would be of interest. Any other photos?
Sincerely,  John

Call for Italian car information!
I am still working in earnest on a new edition of the Italian Car Registry, 
starting with a volume on "A" cars (Abarth, AC (Frua, Zagato, etc.), Alfa 
Romeo, Allemano, Ansaldo, Arnolt MG, Arnolt Bristol, ASA, Aston Martin 
(Allemano, Bertone Touring, Zagato), Atlas/Allied, ATS, Aurea, Autobianchi, 
etc.). This edition will be greatly expanded from the 1994 edition, adding 
photos, text and much more information about the histories of most of the cars.
There is a huge increase in the information I've collected about Abarth, 
Alfa Romeo, and Arnolt cars in particular. I am also sharing more detailed 
information about each car (when that information is known) than that which 
appeared in the 1994 edition.
The "A" volume will be followed by a volume on "B thru E" cars covering 
Balbo, Bandini, Bertone, Benetton, Bianchi, Bizzarrini, BMS, BMW (Italian 
bodies), Boano, Boneschi, Borsani, Branca, Brianza, Bristol (Italian 
bodied), Brixia, Cadillac (Italian bodies), Castagna, Ceirano, Chevrolet 
(Italian bodied), Chiribiri, Chrysler (Italian bodies), Cisitalia, Colli, 
Conrero, Cooper (Italian engines), Crepaldi, Cunningham, Dagrada, De 
Sanctis, De Tomaso, Diatto, Dolphin (Italian engines), Dual Ghia, Ellena, 
Ermini, etc.
Then the "F" car volume (primarily Ferrari & Fiat, but also Fissore, 
Fontana, Francis Lombardi, Frua, and more).
The following volumes will cover the rest, from G thru Z (Galassi thru Zust).
I would be pleased to add information on your Italian and Italian 
coachbuilt car(s).
The most important information to send / l'informazione piu importante da 
Marque name / nome della marca _________________________________
Model name or type / nome modello oppure tipo _____________________
Chassis number / numero telaio __________________________________
Engine number / numero motore __________________________ (originale o non 
Body style / stilo carrozzeria (berlina / coupe / spider / convertibile / 
torpedo /____________)
Bodybuilder / carrozzeria ___________________________________
Body number (if applicable) / numero della carrozzeria (se fu utilizzata) 
         (coachbuilders who used numbering systems include: Alfa Romeo, 
Allemano, Bertone, Frua, Ghia, Motto (some cars), Pinin Farina (later: 
Pininfarina), Sala, Speciali (Fiat), Stabilimenti Farina, Touring, some 
Vignale, Viotti, Zagato and probably others)
History (date of production, owners' names & years owned, license plates 
used, colors, etc.) 
Storia  (data produzione/Certificato di Origine, nomi dei proprietari, 
targhe, colori, ecc.)

Thank you.  Grazie!
John  de Boer
The Italian Car Registry 
28 Oakwood Road 
Orinda, CA  94563-3440  USA
Email:  iicar@earthlink.net
website under construction at www.iicar.com

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