Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Alfa Romeo 1959 Colorized

This was Norman Jacobowitz's first Alfa Romeo Veloce. It had an aftermarket fibreglas hard top. Over several years it was modified for racing, eventually taking the 1500cc class at Bonneville Salt Flats in 1960. There is a recording of the record run. Thanks to Bob Immler for the copy of the second track.
Norm took David and Ira on a cross country trip in our Plymouth wagon towing the Alfa.
Firestone tires. What else do I remember?
The car was originally white. Jay added the red after Norm later got a red Veloce. I bought it from a grad student in Chapel Hill in 1970 when I got back from California.

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sfzendog said...

I remember this car well and drove it often, though I wasn't on the Bonneville run. Am I wrong to remember 114 mph as the best one-way run? Some of the best times of my adolescence were messing around with cars and Dave and his father, serving as flaggers at the race tracks, and then announcing something like, "Flag Station 5 delivering sandwiches to Flag Station 7, and doing as many laps as we could get away with. Will you post photos of the Sciata?