Thursday, January 22, 2015

Have a Seat

When I first went to cardiac rehabilitation I was directed to "...have a seat and they will come get you." On screen was a video which included a piece on the evils of sedentary lifestyle. Get up and move around, even if it is only during the commercials.

So I got up and moved around. I do that a lot anyway. I have what the Yids call shpilkes (literally needles). I have been like this as long as I can remember.

On Wednesday there was a course called Benefits of Exercize. When I came in after having just finished a good sweaty workout, I was offered a chair. I said I preferred to move around while cooling down.

Someone moving around while others are sitting is uncomfortable for the sitters. You seem to be disrespectful, not paying attention, looking to share attention, distracting from the important stuff. Well, what if the culture changed? If there were stand-up stations in the waiting room? If people walked on treadmills while the class was being taught? (Actually the instructor suggested the treadmills, but in a way that said it would never happen.) I watch TV standing up and stretching. It is still bad TV, except for the sports.

I certainly would feel more comfortable if I weren't the only one stretching and moving around.

Later, when we were talking about weight loss, I asked a question about a study that showed that thinner people were more likely to be twitchers, foot tappers, leg wigglers. The instructor (who is quite thin) pointed to his twitching leg, and admitted that he was, too.  Has this finding been replicated and substantiated? It was just an observational study -- no causation. Could you train yourself to twitch and wiggle (subtly)? Would that help you lose weight?  I saw one woman start to squirm as if trying it out.

I think this is a revolutionary idea. Let me know if it works for you.

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