Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Eating Habits and Food

I got up early Thursday morning to walk to the bagel bakery. It took about 40 minutes, so I figure it is like the treadmill, only you get somewhere where there are bagels.

Linda has been steering us away from the white flour bagels toward whole wheat, nuts and seeds.

One of the processes we went through in a weight-loss class was to talk about family food history. Did we grow up on a farm with lots of food? Did we grow up in the Depression where food was scarce? Were we in a big family where you had to scramble for seconds?

I grew up in a Jewish transition family. My father's home was Orthodox and he moved away from that. Coming back from trips to his business in Jersey City, we would stop at the White Castle for a 5-cent burger -- surely treyf. A big treat on a late summer day was to drive out to Route 46 to the MacDonalds (Over 1 Million Sold). Usually my mother didn't come on these trips. Not that that she was particularly observant. My father's favorite how-I-met-your-mother story involved his spending his whole week's paycheck on a giant lobster she ordered. When Norm introduced Laura to Pop-pop, she was wearing riding jodhpurs and smoking a cigarette. "Any friend of my son's is a friend of mine," is the treasured quote. But Laura surely wasn't the traditional Jewish modest wife. When her mother, Ella, came to live with us in Tenafly, grandma took over the cooking and taught Carey, our maid, how to do Kosher, so she must have known that Laura was not keeping the rules.

My rehab nurse helped me set a goal of losing five pounds. I'm trying, but I'm not having much progress.


Jessamyn said...

I don't know if having a record keeping aspect to any of this is helpful to you. I use MyFitnessPal to write down the foods I eat and give myself a running idea of how I'm doing on any given day. I'm not super rigorous about it but it does help. My profile htere is here.


Beth said...

Sugar and wheat, give 'em up, lose weight! Especially belly fat. I'm trying to do that, not for weight loss, but for my joints. Trying to cut back on dairy too, but finding that one very tough.

Nancy Baker said...

Another free record keeping site that might be helpful is sparkpeople. Can track exercise and caloric intake. Lots of commercial offerings and support groups on the site but once you ignore those, the free tracking, a type of but not quite bio-feedback, can be very useful. Hope your MD appt today resulted in what you wished for and that you enjoy a fine time in New York!

paula kelman said...

I believe that grumpy is a sign of recovery! because if you were feeling that awful you wouldn't care to notice that other people are behaving badly. The siezure drugs are exceptionally "weight positive" and i believe you will have a desperate time losing weight on them. Make them take you off them!! took me 9 years but i finally managed. They probably also induce cravings for all the wrong stuff. Eliminating sugars which include Dairy, grains etc and increasing protein and healthy fats is my key to weight maintenance. I'm big into paleo these days. i track nothing, eat protein with abandon, overall eat less, and i'm less hungry. And, I'm not a robot! love, paula