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Shendishower Landsmanshaft

This is a draft of an article for Wikipedia on the American (New York) Immigrant Benevolent Organization for Jews from Sedziszow Molopolski.

There is a  "... list of landmanschaften organizations in Israel is edited from published sources, circa 1996"  at, but no listing for Shendishower or even close.

Yiddish speakers of English transcribe the town's name variously: Gesher Galicia (Bridge to Galicia) lists Sendeshov, Sędziszów, Sęziszów, Sendishev, Sendziszov, Shendeshov, Shendishow or even Sêdziszów Malopolski, with a diacritical mark over the e instead of below it. The societies have names like Shindishover and SENDIZOW

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There is already one for our town:

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research ReferenceGuide to the Records of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Landsmanshaftn Department:

11404Sedziszow. Office memoranda and correspondence with the Shendishover Ladies Circle and the Young Men’s Shendishower Association.1939
33826Sedziszow (Shendishow)1948

WPA Yiddish Writer's Group Study (1938)
Young Men's Shendishover Ass'n.1938253720Shendishover1686356
Erste Shendishover Galizianer Chevra189712275203Shendishover1687356
Shendishower Ladies Circle1935104510Shendishover1688356

There is a reference to Shendishower Galizianer Erste Congregation at
92Columbia StreetSedziszow, PolandShendishower Galizianer Erste Congregation

I started a Google Group for discussion of Sedziszow Malopolski, including Landsmanshaftn made up of people from the town. The study group is based on a similar one for Rohatyn, the
Rohatyn Shtetl Research Group.

And I also started an electronic family newsletter based on a mimeographed newsletter from the 1930's, the Kreinikle.

Among the topics is Ruth Kreinik's discovery of a photo of the members of the Shindishover Relief Landsmanshaft in 1945. Once I get a copy of the photo, I will post it a the Wikipedia site.

Dear David,

This just might 'blow your mind' but then again, maybe not. Reading the Kreinikle (delightful) just jogged my memory. In one of my bookcases I've retrieved a large, panoramic photograph (in a cardboard cylinder with a post-it note in my hand: send to Richard/assume Richard Yospin) of a family meeting in 1945 (looks like maybe 100 or so people) in New York City, verbiage lower right of photo:  

        PYTHIAN TEMPLE. DEC 1, 1945
I recognize my parents Morris & Lillian, Stanley's parents Helen & Walter Kreinik and Moe & Sarah Kreinik (brother of Walter?). I don't know if I ever sent this to Richard Yospin (probably not unless he passed it on to you). The photo was taken by Verna Photographers in Brooklyn and sent to my mother.
I can mail it to you but don't exactly know how I can identify who's who to you. Any ideas?

More later but I wanted you to know that I'm thinking about how to get the photo to you in some form or another. It measures 19-3/4" wide by 9-3/4" from top to bottom. I just looked at it again and recognized a couple more cousins who were adults at that time and I a mere wisp of a girl of eleven. A friend suggested I go to Kinko's and copy it on a color copier.
Stanley e/mailed holiday wishes to me last evening and I did note that you copied him along with Richard Y. I don't think I ever sent the photo to Richard and I just asked Stanley (in my e/mail back at him) if he has the same photo.

We might find names of people in the photo by looking for the term SENDIZOW GALICIAN in the society search box at Mount Hebron Cemetery : 

JRI-Poland has some hits for Sedziszow in Krakow and Lwow provinces.

Find other researchers interested in the town at[FEATURE]-527471:SEDZISZOW%20MALOPOLSKI~POL~ST~ALL

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Lovinggrandaughter said...

I am new to this research, but I would like to offer some delayed help on at least some of the names on this list. To my knowledge, i am not directly related to your family, but I am able to at least answer your question on this blog!

My grandmother Ida Weinfeld (father was Leib Rottenhaus per her verbal record, and mother was Miriam Weinfeld), was the only one of the 5 children in her family to travel from Galicia to the United States in 1913. Her family appears to be from Sedziszow, although I am not sure if she was born there or how long they lived there, as we have no knowledge of her name prior to arriving to the United States and I cannot find her birth record.

She married William Abomelick in New York City (whose family is from Kherson, Prussia), and They are both burried in Mount Hebron Cemetery and present on your list of families buried in Sedziszow cemeteries, and on the list of families on the photo from the lamdsmanshaft. Great Grandma Ida also married Joe Gams later in life, and he is buried with her, but she is the only one of the three to be from Sedziszow. I am a bit at a loss to find records from there, as all of the names I have from the family in Galicia are from word of mouth, and do not match any of my internet searches directly.

As for the photo: I am nearly positive that is my Great Grandma Ida on the left of the isle just in front of the partition. It is possible the gentleman to her left (slightly in front of her), is William Abomelick, her husband.

Anne Littman