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Cornelius Westbrook and Margaret Westbrook Rodd

Working Hypotheses: Richard Rodd (who is Linda Rodd's third grandfather) married Margaret Westbrook.
His brother John Rodd married Margaret's sister. Lucinda. They both are daughters of Cornelius Taylor Westbrook. Lucinda may be Margaret's half-sister.  Here are Cornelius Taylor Westbrook's descendants.
The question is Do we have the right Cornelius Westbrook?

I started a discussion on Geni, but I want to keep notes here.
Charlie Hollander found two census records, ten years apart, with four Westbrook children -- two in one household and two in another, next door -- of the same age groupings but ten years' different in the two census years. This would establish that Lucinda and Margaret were sisters or half-sisters in a family where children were farmed out to relatives after some event. There are records of both being born in Seneca, Scipio, Ohio.

It might be worthwhile to focus on Lucinda.
Lucinda Rodd (Westbrook):  She may have been born in 1836 in Seneca, OH. But the 1860 Census for John Rodd in Perry, IL, lists his wife Lucinda, age 25, born in Illinois. This could be an error. John and Lucinda's marriage record does not show birth places. Several genealogical sources (Nelson and Tinkle, for instance) show Lucinda Westbrook as the daughter of Cornelius Taylor Westbrook, but do not show her mother or later husband. There is some notion that Lucinda was married to a man named Eppinger before she married John Rodd.

Charlie provided a list of email addresses of researchers from RootsWeb:
David, I looked at RootsWeb's WorldConnect, and the people who list Margaret daughter of Cornelius have these email addresses:

We have evidence that Thursia, LeVega and Donzega's mother was Margaret Westbrook, daughter of Cornelius Westbrook and Nancy Hance. See the green Ancestry records below; each shows Margaret Westbrook as the mother.
Photo of Thursia, LeVega and Donzega above.

LeVega's burial lists Margaret Westbrook as his  mother.
Name:Levaga MRodd
Birth Date:15 Jul 1849
Birth Place:Rockford, Illinois
Death Date:27 Apr 1940
Death Place:Marion, Williamson, Illinois
Burial Date:29 Apr 1940
Burial Place:Marion, Williamson, Illinois
Cemetery Name:ROSE HILL
Death Age:90
Occupation:Coal Miner
Marital Status:W
Residence:Marion, Williamson, Illinois
Father Name:Richard Rodd
Father Birth Place:Devonshire, England
Mother Name:Margaret Westbrook
Mother Birth Place:O'Hio
FHL Film Number:1831996
His brother Gonzega also lists Margaret Westbrook as his mother:

Illinois, Deaths and Stillbirths Index, 1916-1947 about Jolerziggie Helman Rodd

Name:Jolerziggie Helman Rodd
Birth Date:29 Aug 1853
Birth Place:Ill
Death Date:14 Dec 1938
Death Place:Cambria, Williamson, Illinois
Burial Date:16 Dec 1938
Burial Place:Williamson Co., Ill.
Cemetery Name:Hinchcliff
Death Age:85
Occupation:Coal Miner
Marital Status:M
Residence:Cambria, Williamson, Ill.
Father Name:Richard Rodd
Father Birth Place:England
Mother Name:Margaret Westbrook
Mother Birth Place:Ohio
Spouse Name:Narcissa Rodd
FHL Film Number:1819312
How about Thursia? Her mother is also Margaret Westbrook. Trifecta.
Name:Theresa C Dale
[Theresa C Rodd
Birth Date:15 Aug 1857
Birth Place:Rockford, Ill
Death Date:22 Jul 1924
Death Place:Herrin, Williamson, Illinois
Burial Date:25 Jul 1924
Burial Place:Herrin, Ill.
Cemetery Name:HERRIN CITY
Death Age:65
Marital Status:M
Residence:Herrin, Williamson, Ill.
Father Name:Richard Rodd
Father Birth Place:England
Mother Name:Margaret Westbrook
Mother Birth Place:Iowa
Spouse Name:Jno Dale
FHL Film Number:1452452
NOTE: Thursia's Margaret Westbrook was born in IOWA, not Ohio. This is likely a typo or misreading.  Jno, may also be a typo, although his signature seems to be Jno.
Several sources list Margaret Rodd's parents as Cornelius Westbrook and Nancy Hance.
Here is a thorough genealogy tree that lists Nancy Hance twice for both Margaret and Lucinda: Is there another father implied?

The above shows Margaret born in Scipio, Seneca, Ohio in 1824 and death in Marion, Illinois, June 7, 1901, at age 77, as opposed to June 7, 1881 (age 56). Family Tree 
This tree shows children
Pembroke 1852
Theresa (Thursia?) 1856
Dora 1858
Addah L 1859-1938
Regina  1865
Eva 1867
=====  compared to
Levaga (LaVega) Rodd; 1849
Pembrook Rodd; 1851
Gonzega (Dontzega) Rodd; 1853
Adella Rodd; 1861
Thursia C Dale
Dora A Rodd
Addah C James
Esma Rodd
Regina Rodd and 
Eva N Rodd «

I have not found documentation that Cornelius Taylor Westbrook had a child named Margaret.
We did find that Margaret's sister Lucinda lived nearby in 1860 and 1870.

Margaret Westbrook - Born in Ohio, USA on 1824. Margaret married Richard C Rodd and had 10 children.  Parents are "Unavailable."

The NELSON AND TINKLE FAMILIES tree on shows Lucinda but not Margaret, and does not show Lucinda's mother's name.

MyHeritage offered several Smart Matches for Cornelius Taylor Westbrook, but none of them also show his children. So there is no way to check on our Margaret Westbrook's parents.

I have put together a spreadsheet with the possible Cornelius Westbrooks and information from census and other sources.

I wrote to Margaret Brinck and a few others who had MyHeritage pages to see if they had any documentation of Margaret Westbrook (the daughter of Cornelius Taylor Westbrook) and Richard Rodd, later her husband.

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