Wednesday, March 17, 2010


When I picked Claude up in Somervile. it rained for three days. When I stopped at Muffet's it was raining pretty hard, so we didn't go running in the woods or anything

It took a little fussing to get the harness to work correctly. Don't leave it on, because he gets his jaw caught. Claude wasn't interested in coming up stairs, so we set up his cage downstairs. He seems OK to sleep on the couch (on a towel). He chewed through a squid toy on the first day. There are pieces of black rubbery stuff all over.

He is not so keen on the food Saul and Laura left us (Science Diet) so we got some Iam's puppy kibble
He will eat a mix. I also got some classic Milkbone treats, which he will condescend to eat.

We are working out our routines. He is very polite.

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Jessamyn said...

Welcome to Vermont, Claude!