Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bike Crash On Burlington Path

I took a lovely bike ride with Tim Parsons and Matt Kuivinen out to Colchester Pond. On the way home, Matt and I were riding south on the Burlington Bike Path toward the small bridge between the roundhouse and the toxic waste canal. I was slightly ahead coming down the short hill running onto the bridge when I saw the kid riding northbound on the wrong side of the path, hidden by the wooden fencing. I crammed on the brakes and slowed pretty much before I hit him head-on. I unclipped my right foot but fell over to the left and hit hard. I cursed a lot. The kid was really upset. His mom came back and apologized to me and helped him deal with it. I calmed down and apologized for the foul language and gave him a hug.
He may learn the keep-to-right lesson.
The next day I had trouble walking with pain in my lower left back. There doesn't seem to be any bone break. RICE.

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