Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Palace Almost Kills Josh Farr

I stopped to help a young artist who was working on a set of stone etc sculptures/constructions on the Lake Champlain shore near the water treatment plant and railroad roundhouse. Josh staggered up from the lake; he was trying to place a rock high on one of the sculptures and it fell on his head. He was bleeding and was pretty disoriented. He knew he needed help.
We called 911 and the EMT folks came and checked him out.

I looked for him over the next few weeks and didn't see him. Feared the worst. But Josh had told me where he went to school, so I called the registrar and she sent him a message. He's OK.

He started this blog to post photos of the installation. Josh Farr and Mikhaela Stinson's The Palace.:

Here are the "After" photos, taken in mid-October, 2009.


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