Friday, October 23, 2009


In late October I flew out to Albuquerque to visit my cousins Beth and Judy. Beth is 6 months older than me and Judy is about Ira's age. We timed the trip to meet Ira and his motorcycle buddies Bill Leenheer and Wayne Miller.

Motorcycle Gang: Ira, Wayne, Uncle Bill, (Judy, Bike Chick).

Beth's boys are Steve Shain and Matthew Shain. They are each married and each has a child.
Steve and Stacie are parents of Kadin, and Matt and Jeannie have Lilly. Lilly is a conscientious student. She had her books open and worked on her projects while visiting with the family. Judy helped her set up an interview with an expert on cults, which is the topic of her project.

Kadin is 11 and rides horses and ropes. He explained how he heads off the cow and ropes the head and his cousin ropes the rear legs.

Dave & Kadin play miniature golf on the phone.

That's Uncle Bill in the background.

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