Monday, November 19, 2007

Family History & Genealogy

Jay had remembered a speech that Norm might have ghostwritten for Ferdinand Marcos to deliver at the UN General Assembly. We asked Natalie's mother Sylvia, who works at the UN, to see if the archive had anything like that. She found a speech from Wednesday, 21 September 2966. The style is too flowery and slick to be Norm. Perhaps he was asked to review it or do some fact checking. He worked for Daniel Yankelovich in the San Francisco area while he lived in Tiburon and other places in California.

Eli wondered just how many jobs and interests his grandfather Norman had. I remembered law, engineering, consulting, a contract bridge advice column, sports car racing and pursuit of the land speed record in the under-1500 cc category in 1960.

So I decided to start a Wiki with information about the many occupations of Norman B Jacobowitz:

Judy Rosenstein added her memories of how her dad, George Rosenstein, met Norm in law school and how that led to his meeting Toddy, Norm's sister.

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