Sunday, November 25, 2007

Clifton Park for Thanksgiving

Carl & Les came in from San Francisco to spend a couple of days with us in Vermont before we all drove down to Clifton Park for Thanksgiving and Corinne's first birthday.

Ken & Donna flew in early because they had to get back for events at Donna's work.

Carolyn & Terry and Micolle were up and Eli, Natalie and Saul also showed up. Saul got a ride from a buddy at work who dropped him off at a ramp in a sleazy part of town. Terry and Ken waited in their parked car with the dome light on -- hoping that the police would check them out for a drug deal, and be surprized at how straight they were.

Saul's friend Dana passed away after suffering with a brain tumor. Aunt Toddy died on Thursday night after 12 years wanting to follow her husband George Rosenstein.

I found out that Andrea's mom, Sheila, tells dirty standup. She regaled us and embarrassed her children.

Everybody took pictures. I put some here:

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