Monday, July 18, 2016

JRI-Poland Danziger Records Update

The Jewish Records Indexing - Poland continues to be updated. Here is an update to the records we found at

Found: The marriage record for Abraham and Elka in 1910, not 1909 as we had guessed.
Radom PSA Births, Marriages, Deaths 1878-1904
WAJCMAN Elka 1901 M 18
DANCIGER Abram Icek 1901 M 18

I transcribed the records that seem to be our family. Elka is listed as the mother of Faiga (Frances) but the mother of the other children is listed as Chawa Eta, which is also Ethel's Polish/Yiddish name. Is this an error?
Here also Howard is Wulf Morcchaj and Moe was born in 1911, not in 1908, as he claimed. The 1911 date is consisted with his age on the SS Rhein manifest, too. The other birth dates do not always align with what we have been putting in the Geni records. (The slash dates denote before and after the adoption of the modern calendar, which was not done at the same time throughout the world.)
Question: If these are not our family records, then where are they?

There is another Goldberg, Chaja Ruchla GOLDBERG, who married a Danziger (Manasza). This is not our family.
Mazsza and Chaja Marriage

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