Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Abraham Danziger

We do not have documentation of my grandfather at both ends of his life.

We have two birthdates for my grandfather, Abraham Danziger. 9 March 1878 and 15 January 1881.

The later one is from his father, Maer/Mayer Danziger, in his application for naturalization, in which he says his firstborn Abe was born Jan 15, 1881, in Poland.

Then we have the record from JRI-Poland in a set that includes Danzigers who fit the family structure.

Abram Icek Danziger is listed as born 9/3/1878 in Rawa. Elja Majer is the father. The other family are identified and Grandma Ella is confirmed as Elka WAJCMAN.

This also confirms that Abe's mother and Maer's wife was Rajza Necha GOLDBERG. Renee's Hebrew name is Reisel Necha, which adds weight to the claim that this is the right set of records.

Why the discrepancy between the birth dates?

How and when did he get to America?

Where is the official record of his death?

Ethel says he travelled incognito in the months before she came over with Maer and Ella and the children born in Poland. That puts the dates between October, 1912 and November, 1912.

Suppose he travelled from Poland to a German port and then to Baltimore, as did Ella and Maer in late 1913. We can look in the Baltimore Ship Manifests for someone born in Poland between 1878 and 1881. Perhaps he stopped with relatives in Miellosna, Poland, which may be MiƂosna, of which there are four in Poland.

We are fairly sure that Abraham Danziger died in the apartment he shared with his wife Ella Wajcman Danziger near 529 Broad Avenue, Englewood, NJ. I visited him several times there. This apartment was near my parents' home in Tenafly, so my mom Laura could visit them and take care of him as he was fading. She told me a story of helping him pee in the night which was embarrassing for the both of them. So it is a good guess that Laura was the informant on his death certificate.

I wrote to the Health Department in Englewood for his death certificate. They returned my request because I could not show that the Laura Danziger Jacobowitz I claim as my mother was the same as the Lucy Danziger shown on her birth certificate. The next step is to ask my cousin Paula Kelman to send for the certificate, since she can show that she is a direct descendant through her mother Renee Danziger Weiner.

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