Sunday, August 9, 2015

Recovery Milestone -- P2P Century 2015

I have been aiming to ride the Harpoon Point to Point Century as a touchstone in my recovery from my heart attack back before Christmas, 2014.

On August 8, 2015, I rode with Los Saguaros Rápidos, Bob Schermer's fundraising team for the Vermont Foodbank. Bob has done this ride eight times. His son-in-law Jason, has done every ride save the first. And Christian Nielsen has ridden every year that I have, and he is a top fundraiser, with the highest number of donors.

Thanks to all my generous supporters. You can feel good about supporting the Vermont Foodbank and the thousands of people it feeds each year.

Here is the map of the 2015 100-mile route.

Bob Schermer, Jason Reed, David Jacobowitz, Christian Nielsen.

Los Seguaros Rápidos plus Andy and Jen.

Thanks to all you generous ride supporters and the Foodbank thanks you as well.
If you feel moved to donate to support the Vermont Foodbank, click HERE.


Charlene Wallace said...

Congratulations Dave! I didn't realize there was a purpose to all those long rides you've done to deliver Island Line brochures for 10 miles up and down the bike path :) You're stronger than ever, and it's really nice to hear that you had a great ride.

Sarah Steinhardt said...

Very proud, relieved and impressed, old friend!

Mrs. Thomases said...

This is terrific news....please let me know when you come to Arlington MA? I will try to get over to met you all-781-439-9441~~

Tony Redington said...

As a once in a lifetime quarter century rider you remain a giant in your field--even greater in your perseverance to recover from heart disease.

Tony Redinfton

One Vermont Perspective said...

Well done Dave. A great vistory for you and the Vermont Food Bank. You are an inspiration.

Chapin Spencer said...

Rock star you are. Keep pedaling! Miss you.

Judy Stermer said...

Congrats Dave and thanks for your support!