Sunday, April 26, 2015


Today I got the official pronouncement that the wound on my foot had healed. I can walk using a special insert and I can bike cautiously.

Here are my questions.

- Is there a structural anomaly in my foot that could only be fixed by surgery? No.
- Do I need special-made orthotics? Let's try the home-made solution first.
- Can I make my own inserts like the ones the podiatrist made for the boot? Yes.
  Check my feet after an hour of biking to be sure the wound has not recurred.
- Should I use a pumice stone to clear away dead skin? Sure. Be careful.
- Do I need the crutches or the boot? No. I returned the crutches to Ann Naumann at Physical Therapy. She had replied to my post on GMBC-L in about 5 minutes with the offer of her crutches.

No barefoot walking.

Modify the Spenco insoles with a relief hole located by inking around the wound and stepping on the insole directly in the proposed shoe so it is properly located. That worked well. But when I hauled out some old New Balance 998s that had been in the closet, the outer sole separated from the body in a way that left granulated foam so that it was impossible to glue the sole back on. I looked on the New Balance site and found a lifetime replacement policy. I emailed this photo. We shall see.

Linda and I took our traditional walk around the neighborhood for the first time since the heart attack in December. That felt good.

Since then I have taken a couple of bike rides. One effect of the meds is that my hands stay cold after an half-hour riding, even if the air temp is in the 50s. But it feels right to be on the bike in time for Bike Month in May.


George P. Lynes, II said...

Keep up the good work, Dave!

Sarah Steinhardt said...

So good to hear such good news, Hoss!

Liz West said...

Happy news, David. Thanks for the update.

Beth said...

Wow, I'm so glad to get this news. Been thinking hard about you and your foot. Keep on keeping on.