Friday, April 30, 2010

Two Bike Crash Day

Well, the first crash was at the corner of Pine and Maple. I had stopped to wait my turn at this 4-way stop. The guy to my left indicated that I should go before him, but I wasn't ready, so I signaled him to go. He didn't. Then he did, but not before the truck coming south had started into the intersection, in his turn. Now the courteous guy was halfway out in the intersection and I felt I could relieve him, so I pushed hard on the pedal and the chain skipped and I fell over to the right, a different side from the previous fall. A nice guy riding on the sidewalk with sandals asked if I was OK. I checked my bruises and decided I wasn't anywhere near as beat up as the crash a month ago, so I said I'm OK.

I went up to the Roxy to get my glasses case that I dropped last night when leaving after watching The Secret of Kells. It's a very nicely drawn animation. The themes follow the Book of Kells, and there are different effects for good and bad characters. The Vikings, for instance, are all 2-dimensional and black with clanky broadswords.

Eli said that the story followed the origin myth associated with the Book pretty well, including the cat with an unfamiliar name.

The second crash was not mine. It belongs to Keegan Brown, a junior at UVM who is anti-Obama. I came upon him on the Burlington path near Killarny Drive in the new north end. He had badly bruised his left knee and had a hard time walking. He had also hit his head -- no helmet -- and had a bloody contusion. I put Bactine on the open wounds while we waited for Mike Levitt, a neighbor, to bring his car to drive Keegan and his friend to the ER. When they were putting the bikes in the car I noticed that the bottom bracket was not on the bike and the crank arms were detached. What the hell happened. I found Keegan on Facebook and UVM and now I know more things about him than one would in the old non-social-networking dark ages.

I hope he is OK and that his brain isn't damaged. That's why you wear helmets.

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