Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wolf Wolf Wolf

I got a message from Harold Krongelb about the Hebrew middle name I added to Wolf Jacobowitz's profile.
I used one of those auto translators and got זאב‬ .
But after seeing Harold's note I used Google Translate and got הזאב . Harold says he will ask Sol.
Yup, זאב‬ Ze'ev is Hebrew for wolf. But Hebrew was reserved for holy study and Yiddish was used for mundane stuff.

There are many of Wolf's descendants who have Wolf or some variant as part of their name:
Walter Erin Jacobowitz
Stephen Wolf Tamases
Richard Wolff Brenner
Daniel Wolf Jacobowitz
Wilfred (Billy) Jacobowitz
David Wilfred Jacobowitz (me)
I think there may be more.
Linda found a names/meanings page. It turns out that Ralph means "Wolf Council" or Counsel.
We can add Ralph Aaron Jacobowitz. (Ralph means Wolf in Nordic languages.)

How about that?

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