Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bad Knee Follow-Up

After the knee felt sore I did a lot of gentle bike riding. I led the Covered Bridges Ride, went out with the Silver Spokes, did a morning ride with Tim, and took several hour-and-a-half long afternoon rides.

All these things were supposed to help the knee get gentle action to clear up the soreness, but what happened was that the quadriceps tendon got even more inflamed. Finally on Saturday evening (the 9th) Linda talked me into calling the nurse hot line. The nurse on duty heard 'red' and 'swelling' and 'hot' and worried that there was an infection. So I went to Fanny Allen 'walk-in' clinic on Sunday morning. A great way to spend Mother's Day with Linda.

Not an infection. But lay off the riding. Ice it. Rest it. Ibuprofen. Elevate. Don't ride.
I wonder if I will be ready to help with the VerMontreal ride with Lou the first week of June.
(We were going to check out the route last week, but it rained.) Time to re-evaluate.

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