Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jacobowitz descendents

Jacobowitz descendents

Letter from Jiri Jacobowitz in Brazil to Harold Krongelb and David Jacobowitz

February 25, 2009; 8:04 AM

Dear Harold and David,
I am realy very glad that thanks to you and David we are able to renew
contact wirh our american relatives.
Before your mother Gladys has the chance to contact us, we know only
that our great grandparente Esther and Bernath immigrated with they
children (excepting the oldest daughter Fanny) to USA so about 1895.
After we have contact with great uncles Jonas and Arnold (Jacoby). Only
through your mother we have informations about Chava's and Wolf's
So my grandmother Fanny and her husband Arnold Jakobowicz (I suppose
that they was cousins) remains in Szobránc (a little village in
Austro-Hungarian Monarchie) and moved to Komancza (Poland) in 1890),
where was born Josef (my father - 1891-1943), Sala (1897-1944), Kuba
(1898-19440 and Herman (1901-1976). Arnold died in Vienna (1916) and my
grandmother Fanny married Sigfried) in Budapes so about 1930, but
divorced 2-3 years latter, when she moved to Ungvár and lives withm her
daughter Sala.
That time also my father's family lives in Ungvár (a city 18 km. far
from Szobránc, village where was born Chava, Wolf and Bernath and
their kids including my grandparents Fanny and Arnold. The youngest son
of Fanny, HERMAN, imigrated to Brazil in 1927, where he constructed
with aunt Dora a nice family.
In 2006 I visited Ungvár and Szobránc, but to the 2 w.w.'s and
political changes I was unable too get some additional informations.
Your mother sent us an invitation to Jacobowitz Jamboree 1989, but
unfortunaly it was not possible to attend her invitation. SORRY ....
Myself: I have 5 greatsons, 4 greatdaughters and 2 great-great
daughters (twins).
I hope that this time we will mantain contacts, because it is very
pleasing to know any news about our family.
Best regards Jiri and brazilian family
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Anonymous said...

to jiri and the Brazil Jacobowitzes!,
I am the granddaughter of Arnold Jacoby, born Bernard Jacobowitz, Oct. 25, 1882 in Komanczo in the Austrian, Hungarian, Poland empire. I do not know when he immigrated to the US but he obtained citizenship in 1903. His parents were Bernhard (th?) Jacobowitz and Esther Klein--your great grandparents also??
Are we cousins? Arnold's daughter, Hilda, was my mother who died 21 years ago. My father, a Russian immigrant, just died at age 101 and it was then that I found this information...I did not know of Brazilian relatives.
Please write to me and tell me all that you know! Have you met Arnold my grandfather or had contact with him? He was married to Theresa Lefkowits and they had 3 children, one of whom is still alive--Bernard, his namesake!
Please write to me.