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Danziger Records in Poland and Immigration to US

I think these are the records of the Danziger births in Poland from the Radom Guberna.
The people match our family, but the dates of birth are off by a couple of years compared to Maer's dates on his Petition for Naturalization, which are later than the Polish records. Why might that be?

Radom PSA Book of Residents Radom Gubernia / Kielce Province (records in Fond 1 in Radom Archive)
 Located at 51°25’ 21°09’  Last updated September 2009.

This link may get you to the search results:
Images of the documents may be available at one of the FamilySearch Family History Centers. The closest one to me is the Essex Vermont Family History Center. It is right next to Temple Sinai on Swift Street, a pleasant walk from here.

I transcribed the records to a spreadsheet. Here is the image:
I have put the identifications in the Comments column of the spreadsheet.
Elja Majer is Maer.
Rojzla is Rachel Necha Goldberg, Maer's wife and our great-grandmother.
Abram Icek is Grandpa Abe Danziger.
Chawa is Hannah.
Maria is Miriam Paris.
Malka is still Malka.
Szmul Wewe is most likely William S Danziger
Fajga is Frances Cohn, born in R for Radom
Chawa Eta is Ethel Zuckerman born in Warsaw.

Elka Wajcman is Ella Weiczman, our grandmother. The Chawa Eta in Ethel's mother box is probably a transcription error. 

Now we have the names of Maer's parents: Icek/Isaac Danziger and Chawa 
Łaja Sztern/Stern.
(I looked up the translation of Łaja and I got "Laya" or "Leah," which is my mother Laura/Lucy Danziger Jacobowitz's Hebrew name.)

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First pass at Icek Danziger's Descendents. To Do: Clean up and give birth date ranges.

All the Polish birth dates are a little earlier than Maer reported on his Petition for Naturalization :

Maer and Ella and Five Children Go to Baltimore -- Dec 18, 1913 -> Jan 4, 1914
Passenger List of the Rhein, Nordd, Lloyd, departing Bremen, 18 Dec 1913.
Chaimo (Moe) M, age 2          -d.  (It looks more like Chaim on the US Immigration paper below.)
Chudes (Helen) F, age 1 mon. -e.
Elka (Ella) F, age 29
Eta (Ethel) F, age 8                 -b.
Ludko (Howard) M, age 3      -c.
Meyer (Maer) M, age 53
Fajga (Frances) F, age 11       -a.
They arrived in Baltimore on 4 January, 1914 This may have been the second to last voyage of the Rhein under German flag: "She began what would become her last voyage for North German Lloyd on 16 July 1914 when she left Bremen bound for Baltimore, and was in that port when Germany declared war in early August."
Here they are listed in age order:
Danziger, Meyer age 53        (Maer)
   "            Elka age    29        (Ella Wajcman)
   "            Fajga age  11        (Frances)
   "            Eta  age     8         (Ethel)
   "            Cardke age 3 1/2  (Howard)
   "            Chaim   age  2 3/4   (Moe)
   "            Chudes  age 5 mos  (Helen)

Maer's Naturalization Petition says he arrived at Baltimore on 4 January 1914 and lived in Ohio since 6 January, 1914. Abe must have met the family in Baltimore and went with them to Pittsburgh and then to Russelton, PA, where he had a job as a carpenter fixing coal carriages in a mine.

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paula kelman said...

Amazing. Thanks and love. Re: why the dates might be off: My mom Renae (Raizel Necha) reported in those days all dates were approximations. She said that when asked about her birthday, grandma Ella would answer "Shabbos nuch Shavuos" which since I don't speak Yiddish was either sabbath before or after Shavuos, based on a Hebrew lunar date which fluctuates to the gregorian date, and not mentioning the year. If handwritten records it may have been interpreted and converted wrong at the point of entry, it may have been recorded later and based on memory and not actual records. My Weiner grandparents wedding year was translated wrong from the Hebrew date on the Ketubah.

In my grandfather Abe (Weiner)'s case, when people immigrated to the US, there were eight brothers in the family and one would go and make some money and send a ticket to the next brother. i remember a story that the ages and names being exchanged among the family members. a lot of possibilities why the dates don't match up.

you/this are amazing.